Has the West Lost the Will to Live?

When it became too obvious to deny that the hostage crisis in Sydney, Australia was an act of Islamic terrorism, Prime Minister Tony Abbott asked Aussie citizens for calm, saying, “The whole point of politically motivated violence is to scare people out of being themselves. Australia is a peaceful, open and generous society – nothing should ever change that. And that’s why I would urge all Australians today to go about their business as usual.” That’s what a politician is expected to say. But what he should have said is that the time for business-as-usual is over.

Recently my friend Doris Wise Montrose – founder of Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors and its related site for self-defense instruction, Jews Can Shoot – brought to my attention something she found disconcerting. It was a Facebook post by a very popular Israeli news blogger, a brief update on the knife attack perpetrated by a young Arab on shoppers in a Jerusalem supermarket. This update was accompanied by mention of the blogger’s own mundane shopping trip to a different supermarket, and a photo of the contents of his cart.

Doris commented to him that connecting the two experiences in the same breath, in the same tone, seemed oddly cavalier. The blogger replied that it was simply an acknowledgement that this is the way of life in Israel – her citizens refuse to be cowed; they proudly carry on even with terrorism in their midst. Business as usual.

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  • In a word, yes.

    Who else embraces a culture of death the way the post-modern West does?

    Citizens in the post-modern West have little to no ability for critical thought or for individuality or consensus. It’s all warped.

    Consider that there are still cold feelings toward Japan (and deservedly so). Can one imagine a “I’ll ride with you campaign” after the Darwin bombings?

    • Destroyer-Drone

      “Can one imagine a “I’ll ride with you campaign” after the Darwin bombings?”

      Quoted for truth.

    • The Phantom

      Must disagree Osumashi. What we had in WWII was a ruling class that got votes based on supporting tradition and playing up xenophobia and racism. So in Canada the Japanese got stuck in prison camps and everybody else was fine with it because that’s how the propaganda went.

      What we have now in Australia is a ruling class that gets votes based on BASHING tradition and pushing multiculturalism. Everybody is fine with #I’llridewithyou after an Islamic terror attack because that’s the way the propaganda is going. Its expected.

      In Canada by contrast the Prime Minister called it a terror attack before the gunpowder smell went out of the corridor outside his caucus room. Because his party gets votes from calling a spade a shovel and generally doing everything the media doesn’t like.

      None of this BS has anything to do with -us- as a culture. We are all going along the way we always do, because these “terror” wankers aren’t making any impression on us. We’re not afraid. Maybe starting to get a teensy bit pissed off in some circles.

      In the States people are a hell of a lot more afraid of the national debt and Mexicans than they are of Mooselimbs. There’s friggin’ hordes of Mexicans, Mooselimbs are just funny looking weirdos to your average American.

      • While I don’t dispute the power of ruling classes or propaganda, I doubt Australians needed much prodding after the Japanese bombed Darwin (and then that nasty POW business). Now, the need to apologise and dhimmify ourselves has become reflexive. We don’t criticise certain persons or groups not because such things defy taste or reason but because we have simultaneously been taught to be arrogant blowhards and kowtows at the same time. A culture is bad because it is European and good because it is not. That is not the conclusion based sound observation. That is, however, the prevalent thought of the Twittering masses. Ask these brain-trusts if they would have ridden with the July 7th bombers and you’ll hear some mumbling excuse about the UK deserved it, blahblahblah. That’s not indifference; that’s idiocy.

        • The Phantom

          All true. My point though is that these people you rightly chastise are a small (if vocal) minority, and while most people will pretend to go along to keep things civil, they are pretending.

          As soon as civility becomes moot, all that social justice crap goes right out the window.

          • Until I see riots, I will reserve my enthusiasm.

            Now let’s all have some cider.

      • Frau Katze

        Just wait. They (Muslims) have large families. You’ll be seeing more of them in the future.

  • leadsoldier

    All depends on what you mean by “live”….

  • Xavier

    To hell with bravado: We need a multi-nation Crusade purging the earth of every radical Cleric, Imam, and soldier of Islam in existence.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Eventually the Right will take over, and then it’s payback time for Jihadist and their Leftist/Progressive

    • leadsoldier

      Doesn’t matter who’s in charge-somebody will be persecuted or suppressed. There are all sorts of “Right”, with some points in common. Be careful what you wish for. Every revolution eats its own children, grows the seeds of its own destruction.

      Ironic that many think the current Harper gov’t is an evil Right Wing Regime, when in fact any government that comes in is just continuing the P.E. Trudeau regime established from the late ’60’s onward. It’s under this Libertarian(!) Right Wing(!) regime that the evil nonsense of the human rights commissions in B.C., Alberta and Ontario has thrived. That the insanity of “hate crime” legislation has emerged. That the federal deficit has crept up massively again since Martin got a grip on it under a Liberal(!) gov’t.

      And it is under this regime that we can’t talk about personhood for the unborn, that soldiers are told to not wear uniforms in public so as not to aggravate the anarchists and terrorists.

      Harper’s resolute support for Israel and the Jews is admirable, but he has zipped his lips with epoxy when it comes to the defining moral issues of our time. Harper may be a Christian (wicked, of course, in the minds of many) but he would not have passed for a Christian in A.D. 200. No true Christian betrays eternal truths for political favour or influnce.

    • Frau Katze

      I’m a pessimist who sees the left winning. The state will grow more authoritarian, demonstrations & free speech restricted. That’s the way it’s going in the UK.

  • Xavier

    I’ll play nice, but just tell me: did Disqus or the Mods delete my post?

    • I did, because apparently I’m the designated bad guy when it comes to this stuff. I’m replacing it in edited form. Curse my name if you must.

      • Xavier

        I will follow the rules as long as I understand what they are. No hard feelings. 😉

        • Minicapt

          Use traditional literary quotes:
          “Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius.”


          • Xavier

            Finally, a use for those three years of Latin.

  • AlexanderGalt


    But there are hopeful signs. Despite a media propaganda blitz post the Senate “torture” report polling shows that only a miserable 29% agree that enhanced interrogation techniques were wrong,

    It’s a shame that more Republicans didn’t stay onside rather than leaving Cheney
    swinging in the wind. Hey Ho.

    The problem is us, not the Muslim nutjobs that hate us.

    Incidentally, there’s a witty post on the media’s reaction to the “torture report”
    called “Can’t Take Much More” at:


  • Hard Little Machine

    Send the band home, lower the flag, burn the ships at mooring.

  • moraywatson

    Abbott is right to say that the terrorist was politically motivated. He needs to go further though and state that all of islam is politically motivated, and that the time to resist islam’s political agenda is upon us.