Geert Wilders charged with incitement to hatred over ‘fewer’ immigrants chant

Geert Wilders has been charged with incitement to discrimination and hatred after the Dutch far-Right leader led chants of “fewer Moroccans” at an election rally.

It is not the first time the leader of the Freedom Party, famous for his peroxide blond mane of hair and currently leading in the opinion polls, has found himself in the dock on charges for his comments on Islam and immigration.

“I have said what millions of people think and find. For the second time, one apparently wants to deal with someone who speaks the truth,” said Mr Wilders.

“It is a travesty that I have to defend myself in court for this. The public prosecutor would do better to devote his time to prosecuting jihadis instead of me. The Party for Freedom is the largest party in the polls. Apparently the elite does not like that.”

The latest case follows a public rally last March when Mr Wilders asked a mass audience of his supporters whether they wanted “fewer or more Moroccans in your city and in the Netherlands?”.

When the crowd shouted “fewer! fewer!”, or “minder! minder! in Dutch, a grinning Mr Wilders shouted: “We’re going to organise that”.

During European elections in May, the anti-immigration Freedom Party campaigned under the slogan “minder”.

  • Exile1981

    Its an attempt to cut him out of the next election, it will of course backfire as anyone who will believe the trumped up charges would never have voted for him anyways.

  • pdxnag

    The whole apparatus that hinders the expulsion of Muslims needs to be dismantled. It is not about denying any charge, nor about any nuanced recharacterizing of statements about simple truths.

  • Ed Ellison

    It is sad beyond belief that Canadians died liberating these fools from the Nazis during the War.
    The enablers of jihad in the west are desperate to keep the narrative going.

  • glasnost

    This is good news!

    Every time they prosecute Wilders his popular support increases.

  • Ron MacDonald

    One day he will be Prime Minister and the Left will pay dearly.