Gazans Furious After Hamas Raises Taxes

The harsh daily life in Gaza just got harder after Hamas imposed additional taxes. Business dealers and civilians in Gaza told the Arab website “24” that the Hamas Ministry of Finance decided to impose taxes on all basic commodities, both on sellers and buyers in the stores and supermarkets.

Hamas officials keep track of businesses and pressure them to pay taxes on time, even if they are unable to sell their goods. This trend has increased significantly since Operation Protective Edge last summer.

Gazans say that Hamas hiked the taxes on basic commodities to make up for the lack of success in raising enough donor aid from Arab and other foreign countries to pay for the rebuilding needed in the Gaza Strip. Another obvious reason is the absence of tax revenues Hamas collected from goods smuggled through the hundreds of illegal tunnels under the Egyptian border that have been destroyed by the Egyptian army in the past year…

h/t Marvin