Clusterfake: Coalition of fringes

genderqueersymbolThe Progressive crack-up of late 2014 began in early November: the voters rejected the Democrats’ “Coalition of the Fringes” campaign themes of Ferguson, feminism, and foreigners. It worsened with the shameful Michael Brown riots and the ludicrous fraternity gang rape libel, which has reached hilarious new heights over the last week.

As I’ve been pointing out for a decade, the Republicans do best among the married and content, while the Democrats prosper from the lonely and aggrieved. The candidacy in 2012 of the exotic “blank screen” Barack Obama had papered over the obvious cracks in the Democrats’ confederacy of the margins, an alliance united largely by resentment of core Americans, such as white-bread paterfamilias Mitt Romney.

98446_900The embarrassing events of recent weeks have reiterated another problem the Democrats face with trying to assemble peripheral people into a majority (beyond the obvious difficulties of reconciling the interests and values of, say, black church ladies and Wellesley College gender-queers). This fringe coalition is fragile in another sense as well: if the underlying engine of your politics is hate (as suggested by all these hate hoaxes that are the KKKrazy Glue of the Obama coalition), you are going to attract and excite a lot of psychologically fragile fringe personalities. And they tend to repel the normal and healthy…