Britain ‘days away’ from terror plot, says Met chief

Sir Bernard said police had come “within days” of foiling terror attacks on British soil and had tackled five plots in the last four months.

He told LBC: “In terms of plots over this last four months really it’s probably five. And we’ve arrested I think it’s about 35 people.

“Have we got enough resources? Well we’ve asked the Government for more help. We talked right at the beginning about the fact we are losing money but in this areas we’ve got to invest.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    I’m happy for the UK, but how many times do they keep expecting to to be able to dodge that terrorism bullet before they deal with what’s wielding the gun and shooting those bullets?
    You can’t reley on jihadi incompetence forever.

  • Destroyer-Drone

    Hahahahah, this sad joke of a country can’t even handle jihad incursion with its own police force anymore. And yet all that Britain is doing so far…is asking for more of the same.

    By the way things are going, Britain and its neighbours will turn into has-beens sooner than expected.

  • ed

    35 that leaves 2 million snackbarbarian males of fighting age in the uk to go !!!!!

  • mauser 98

    barn door open, horses gone

  • DD_Austin

    Britain wakes up in the gutter after a six decade long socialist bender

    Begs for sympathy and spare change, when heads directly for the liquor store for more