Barack and Michelle, Victims of Racism!

Michelle Obama: Victim of racism

The Obamas are trying to catch the wave of racism that supposedly is sweeping across the land. They may live in the White House, but hey–they are still subjected to racial bias. No, they don’t mean getting preferential treatment when applying to colleges and law schools, or being taken seriously as a presidential candidate after two undistinguished years in the Senate, or getting a $300,000 job with a hospital for no discernible reason. They mean the other kind:

President and Michelle Obama personally identify with everyday experiences of racial bias in America that have underpinned recent protests across the country, they told People magazine in an interview to be released Friday. …

On one occasion, [Michelle] said, her husband “was wearing a tuxedo at a black-tie dinner, and somebody asked him to get coffee.”

President Obama said he’s even been mistakenly treated as a valet.

“There’s no black male my age, who’s a professional, who hasn’t come out of a restaurant and is waiting for their car and somebody didn’t hand them their car keys,” he said, according to excerpts of the interview released today.

Actually, you don’t have to be black to experience incidents like this. I was once working out in my club’s gym and an older member, mistaking me for an employee, asked me to get him a towel. You can even be a four-star general and have some unaccomplished twit demand that you bring her another glass of wine. Is that racist, or what?


  • Ron MacDonald

    Here’s proof Michelle Obama lied to further her false narrative that both she and Barrack were victims of racism.

    • Frau Katze

      Good catch. Simply a case of asking someone taller than you to help. But pols always lie, and now the event must be framed differently. It starts at about the 5 min mark for anyone else reading this.

      • Just a thought

        I’m retired now, but have been mistaken for someone employed by stores I was shopping in on a number of occasions. It never occurred to me to be insulted.

        • Clausewitz

          Yeah I had to learn to stop wearing my red golf shirts at Staples. Was always being asked questions. I was never insulted, I just answer the questions and help out to the best of my ability. But then I’m not a self important thieving narcissist like both of the Obamas.

  • Pete_Brewster

    When Michelle Robinson is dying in agony on a Monrovia slum, bleeding from every orifice because the evil white people have better uses for the Ebola vaccine and other gifts of modern medicine than to waste it on ungrateful Africans, then, maybe, she’ll figure out when she was well off.

    And her tribe will weep when they remember Zion.

  • kkruger71

    Same story, American minorities are so indoctrinated at this point that there are racists everywhere that any and every little slight or miscommunication that we all experience gets chalked up as racism. This is the main reason I never give an iota of credence to statistics and studies that are based on polls.

  • Gary

    The real Racism and how Black males that become successful will prefer a White women or choose a Black women with lighter skin and free of the overt Negroid features . Michelle would not be out of place if she had white skin because of her straight hair and White features.
    Black women have said they are angry over the shortage of men because of the high Black population in jail for males and the truth that Black males tend to prefer the non-afro American looking women.
    In Toronto the racism exists the same way but adds the fact that Asian males are angry that the women prefer the tall white males and most sports jocks .

    Years ago I saw this same Racism at the CBC that wanted to meet a Diversity quota but when it came to Blacks they really wanted to hire non-whites as Blacks by-proxy.
    Take a close look at the Media and see if you can notice the bigotry because the push to hire Women really meant white/liberal/feminists or lesbians , as for Black women it defaulted to non-white females that did have Negroid features.
    It’s the reality of TV where even the women want older males in good shape than the women in her late 40’s that didn’t age very well.

    • Minicapt

      Michelle probably had her face edited for public display in the early 90s.


      • Just a thought

        For all the good it did, she ought not to have bothered. 🙂

  • angrymike

    Funny, me in my old army jacket, dirty jeans and boots has never been asked if I worked in a retail store .. When I get off work, I’m way to dirty to be mistaken for anything but a factory worker…………

  • A listener called into Glenn Beck’s radio program Thursday… The caller said her sister was the person who asked the first lady to help her reach something, and the shocker is the woman allegedly voted for President Barack Obama — twice.

    …”Michelle Obama told it accurately the first time, but she is twisting it now to make my sister out to be a racist,” Donna continued. “Now, her name isn’t out there. But I just got furious on my sister’s behalf. I can — we have political differences, big time, but my sister is not a racist.”