As Obama Wavers, Canada’s Harper is the True Leader of North American Values

Just a few weeks ago Canada suffered its first terrorist attacks in more than two generations. In one incident a young convert to Islam ran down two soldiers in Quebec, killing one of them. When he was shot dead by the police he was carrying a large knife and was presumably intent on slaughtering his victims as Lee Rigby was slaughtered in Woolwich.

In the second attack, another Muslim convert killed a soldier in Ottawa and then ran into the House of Commons and was only yards away from a group of MPs when he too was shot dead. Amongst those MPs was Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

The Conservative leader has been in office for more than eight years now and his response to the terror attacks was entirely typical. Firm, resolute, controlled, slightly boring but utterly uncompromising.

  • ontario john

    Not according to the Toronto Islamic Star. Ali Hamandi, who had a Trudeau scholarship(what a surprise), blames terrorism on Harper and that beheading of a soldier in England is because of Cameron. Nothing to do with islam folks, move along.

  • winniec

    PM Harper is one of the greatest leaders of the Free World. He stood for free speech, against the Russian invasion of Ukraine and against Islamic terror. Trudeau is surrounded by jihadists and perhaps paid with Gulf money. His finances should be investigated thoroughly.

  • DD_Austin

    Firm, resolute, controlled, slightly boring but utterly uncompromising.

    He is going to keep importing immigrants, regardless of whether Canadians want immigrants or not, regardless of how many Canadians they kill, regardless of how
    they depress wages and increase heathcare and welfare costs.

    Otherwise one big F U to all Canadians from Harper and the Conservatives*

    * Justin and The NDP say F U too BTW

    • David

      * Justin and The NDP say F U too BTW

      And that’s supposed to be a grand endorsement?
      I don’t think so.

      • DD_Austin

        Neither do i

        Government polices don’t change with PMs, or Parties.
        The biggest difference in governance between the liberals and
        conservatives is the colour of the ties they wear.

        Immigration, diversity, dictator ass kissing, selling out canadians,
        and wasting money are their common core values, they aren’t going
        to change those, they aren’t going to talk about changing those, they
        are even going to let you talk about changing those, if they can
        get you alone with the CHRT

        Harper really isn’t any better than Trudeau, he may not say the
        stupid naive things Trudeau will, but he will do the same stupid naive things Trudeau will do, and the same stupid naive things that have
        been government policy for the last 50 years.

        Otherwise Harper don’t represent shit, He just acts like it
        and that’s why I’m stuffing a towel into his bugle blowers bugles

    • Alain

      Had he been truly firm and resolute he would have placed a moratorium on Muslim immigration and refugees along with having a plan to deal with those here who refuse to assimilate. The problem is Islam with terrorism being just one of its strategies. Why in this great country do we not have a single politician willing to address the elephant in the room?

  • Maggat

    I’m truly amazed, even Breitbart brings out those afflicted with HDS (Harper Derangement Syndrome).

    • DD_Austin

      Those who voted for him have it the worse

  • Pete_Brewster

    Because true leaders of north American values would have covered the ass of Obama while he parleyed with the Castro brothers, knowing full well that nobody who shared those values had anything to say to the Castros that couldn’t have been said with a well-placed bullet.

    Sorry, no. If a Castro lover is wanted for the Queen’s Canadian prime minister, let’s have the Get and be done with it.

  • Harper sounds more principled than most. I want to see mass deportations of Islamists on his part.