A Test of Australia’s Empathy

Today’s therapy culture has elevated the ability to feel the pain of others into something of a moral absolute.

Since moral precepts define what you should do, making empathy a moral law upends ethics by enjoining us, not to do something, but to feel the right feelings.

Under the rule of empathy, it doesn’t really matter what happens to the poor and disadvantaged in our great nation. What matters is that you feel the correct feelings about the problem. They shield you of all responsibility for the consequences of the policies you have supported.

It’s a lose/lose situation that feels like a win/win.

Recently, presumptive presidential candidate Hillary Clinton– whose husband rode “I feel your pain” to the White House and to no small number of sexual conquests– recently announced that we need to empathize with our enemies.

By the Hillary doctrine, we do not need to defeat our enemies. We do not need to feel their pain. We need to be sensitive to the pain that is causing them to want to kill us.

Like it or not, discussions of empathy quickly degenerate into mindless cant.

Yesterday, as soon as the terrorist hostage taking in Sydney, Australia been suppressed, the Sydney Morning Herald embarrassed itself with an editorial about the need for empathy…

The blog Chicago Boyz comments on this too.

  • Jay Currie

    And let’s not be beastly to the Taliban. We should feel the pain which drove them to set teachers on fire and hunt down little boys. Otherwise we might think it was Islam and we mustn’t think that.

  • winniec

    The officially designated victims of the Leftard cultural Marxists are protected from criticism…because…just because…
    No matter what atrocities ODVs commit, they must be protected from criticism so Hillary can achieve political power.

  • winniec

    The politics of hurt feelings, rather than of justice, reason and morality.

  • Brett_McS

    If only it were empathy, but it’s not. It’s moral preening. The proof is that no ’empathy’ is ever expressed towards actual, but politically incorrect, victims – for example the Israelis.

  • Brett_McS

    BTW, I heard a theory of empathy (real empathy, not the fake kind as in this post) in a podcast recently. Noting that in more primitive cultures (eg Medieval or Islamic) it is common to have miscreants publicly tortured for the entertainment of the populace (Come one, come all! See criminals meet their grizzly, agonizing deaths! Prizes for the kids!). But in the west now, hardly anyone would turn up except to try to stop it happening. So what changed? The theory is that the extension of the free market and the concomitant expansion of entrepreneurship gave an advantage to those who could successfully ‘put themselves in another’s shoes’ in order to divine what will sell. In other words, empathy became a commercial advantage.

    • Frau Katze

      Makes sense. Look how companies are trying to keep up with SJW issues.