With friends like Jordan, Israel doesn’t need enemies

On Nov. 18, two Palestinian terrorists entered a Jerusalem synagogue armed with pistols, meat cleavers, knives and axes. They murdered five Israelis — four rabbis and a police officer — and injured over a half dozen others, including a Canadian-Israeli dual citizen. One would expect that such a shocking attack perpetrated against innocents in a place of worship would be universally condemned. And yet, the Jordanian parliament commemorated the attack by observing a moment of silence and reading verses from the Koran to pay respects for the two Palestinian terrorists who were killed.

Though the Jordanian government officially condemned the deadly terror attack, its parliament honoured the attackers.

  • Barry the Black Panther

    It would be a shame if the ‘peace’ Jordan is clearly seeking is resolved by the IAF. Let’s make some popcorn kids !

  • Blacksmith

    Proof again that pisslam cannot get along with anyone, and need exterminated.

  • Hard Little Machine

    No one cares what the Nation of Upright Monkeys says does or thinks. Sell them gas until they manage to blow up the pipelines themselves and then they can starve in the dark. Who cares?

  • overbank

    when will those in the west finally realize that Muslims are our enemy?
    its plain and simple to see all one must do is open their eyes!