The CBC and #JianGhomeshi cont’d…

Two updates today… A longish but worthwhile read by Macleans Anne Kingston

Busted: The toxic CBC environment that abetted Jian Ghomeshi

“You don’t get this at NPR,” says a CBC employee. “There’s a self-assurance about what they do. There’s no navel-gazing, or hand wringing, no ‘What are we?’ That’s a problem at the CBC—that we must be hip and cool, we must be diverse.” The idea that Ghomeshi was the one slotted into that role struck some as ridiculous: “Only the CBC would take a guy from Moxy Fruvous [Ghomeshi’s ’90s a cappella group] and say, ‘This is the hip solution that we need,’ ” says a former Q staffer.”


CBC hears no evil, scrubs Ghomeshi from archives

There have now been 23 reported allegations of harassment or assault, and new ones come in every week. Each must be verified and substantiated as credible before they can be published. Anne Kingston’s recent Maclean’s story reveals how Ghomeshi avoided covering misogyny and sexual abuse once he knew he was being accused of the same. The Star relied on Q’s archives to document how Ghomeshi used Q to promote musicians represented by his own agent, and how Q took a $5000 payment from a record label in exchange for coverage.

  • mauser 98

    CBC obsessive compulsive disorder requiring them to shove multiculturalism down our throats created their poison attitude

    • I never voted for multiculturalism, I don’t know anyone who did.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        I thought multi-culti was initially a Trudeaupian plot to distract us from bilingualism.

    • ntt1

      but they have gays and minorities massively over represented in their on air staff, white males are disuaded to apply for any position

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        I wouldn’t care if they were gay or black or brown if they just told the fucking truth.
        Or if they were Dianne Buckner or Amanda Lang.
        And told the fucking truth.
        However, that little gap toothed pig called Rosemary Barton can be totally excised from the national consciousness.

  • Gaylord Ponce

    CBC is pretty touchy about this. A week ago when they announced changes to their news broadcasts, I commented ” Is Ghomeshi going to be a newsreader?”
    I have now been permanently banned from commenting as Ben Dover. However Phil McCracken has just registered a new account.

    • Boy are they touchy.

      • UCSPanther

        The Ceeb is trying to cram Ghomeshi down the Memory Hole…

  • cmh

    what your right hand owns… jihad ghomeshi’s favorite koran passage.

  • UCSPanther

    It’s rather funny to see the Ceeb getting swarmed by other vultures like the Red Star and Maclones over this.

    A bit like being the Captain of a space naval vessel and watching (From a safe distance) two hostile alien fleets duke it out…

  • “Only the CBC would take a guy from Moxy Fruvous [Ghomeshi’s ’90s a
    cappella group] and say, ‘This is the hip solution that we need,’ ” says
    a former Q staffer.”


    But he was not just any Canadian celebrity. He had the ethnic and snob tone going for him.