Upside Down Down Under – Since when was telling ISIS to screw off racist?

The ‘backlash’: Men wave racist sign in wake of Sydney siege

Men stood on top of a Townsville shopping centre holding a racist sign in the wake of the Sydney siege. Photo: Facebook

Police are interviewing a group of men who allegedly climbed onto the roof of a Townsville shopping centre and waved a racist sign in response to the Sydney siege.

Officers were called after the group were spotted on the roof of the Willows Shopping Centre about 3.15pm Monday.

A photo of the four men holding up a cardboard sign with the words: “DEATH TO ISIS. GET OUT YOU RAG-HEADED F—S. ANTI-TERROR” has emerged on social media.

Three of the four men attempted to disguise their identity by covering their faces…

Another report says it was an ‘isolated incident’. I can barely read it – the writing is very faint. Not much of a backlash.

And it seems some nasty messages were written on Facebook as well: at the Australian Defence League  (it is a closed group, so one cannot even view it)