Terror Attack in Australia Will Soon Reach Europe, America

The violent conclusion to the Australian hostage taking terrorist siege was inevitable. The terrorist Man Haron Monis was killed as the Sydney police swat team stormed the café. Even though two hostages were killed, the Sydney police had no choice but to act. After a siege lasting nearly 17 hours, police had good reason to believe that the self-anointed “Sheik” Haron Monis was going to make good on his threat to detonate the bombs he claimed to have unless his demands were met.

  • Xavier

    Islam is a political, legal, economic, military, and religious ideology that seeks world domination through violence.

    Of course terrorist attacks are coming. It is their way.

  • Barry the Black Panther

    Has the Aussie ‘anti-terror’ apparatus been disbanded yet due to Zero effectiveness against islamic terrorism ? Didn’t think so.

    • mauser 98

      not “Zero effectiveness against islamic terrorism ” …perp was fragged
      why disband? more to follow

  • mauser 98

    ..now not soon
    Ottawa , Montreal, Ft Hood shooter, beheading in Oklahoma

    Islamic Terror Attacks on American Soil


  • fungi

    I believe, our police dealing with the seige, weren’t that good.

    Firstly, sniper guy should take him out. Who worries about the secondary phase?

    Terrorists will come in dribs now, like a tap.

  • Hard Little Machine

    When it comes to the US the news will simply scream ‘racism racism’.

  • Doug Kursk

    We let the Trojan horse through our collective Western gates…as with any insidious pathology, you identify the problem and then you excise it by any means possible.

    I can’t help but think that those two brave souls in Australia would be alive today if at least one person was armed.

    • ntt1

      law abiding citizens were forced to be unarmed by gun laws the muslim chose not to follow. Perfect example of the fallacy behind gun control, progressives will not see it though, there will be renewed efforts to seize guns after the muslims rampage.

      • James Hamilton

        RCMP is still silent on how and from where Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, the mohammedan terrorist, got the gun with which he shot Corporal Nathan Cirillo at National War Memorial.
        As, ntt1 correctly said gun-control is for law-abiding citizens only, mohammedans & other criminals will always have access to the weapons to terrorize ordinary folk without any worry of retaliation.
        The way things are rolling in our countries (west) I think that’s what our governments aim for.

  • cmh

    It already has reached here…do I have to name them all???

  • Linda1000

    The Australia, Cdn. and U.S. Gov’ts really need to stop their stupidity of muslim immigration. Not only, allow them into the West but also stop their welfare jihad. How many cases do we currently have just like the terrorist, Haron Monis in Canada? Sheikyermami has had some good posts on the Sydney murders. Check out who was in the cafe just before the terrorist shut it down (halal racketeer El Mouelhy).

  • James Hamilton

    Eradicate islam most of worlds problems will be solved.