Pictured: Depraved Taliban gunmen who slaughtered 132 innocent children

Horrifying pictures have emerged showing the Taliban gun squad who slaughtered 132 innocent children as it was revealed the terror group is planning more attacks at schools in Pakistan.

Released by the terror group’s spokesman Mohammad Khurasani, the photographs show six heavily armed men posing in front of a white Islamic banner shortly before the attack in Peshawar.

In an email released this morning, Khurasani attempted to justify the attack by claiming that said the Pakistani army has long killed the innocent children and families of Taliban fighters.

He vowed more such militant attacks and told Pakistani civilians to detach themselves from all military institution, adding: ‘We are still able to carry out major attacks. This was just the trailer.’

  • sanwin

    But but but.. what does that banner say ?

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      I’m sue it’s a declaration of their piety.

    • Xavier

      It says, “My Jihad is to stay fit despite my busy schedule. What’s yours?”

    • Clink9


    • Justin

      Only 132 Pakis? These losers did not do their homework properly.
      They should have done away with ten thousand times more than that number!
      The blood of the Pakistani Christian man who was beaten to death after he drunk some tea from a cup used by muslims two years ago and the blood of the young couple who dragged out of their house some weeks ago and then beaten to death and burned in the street as they were dying for an unfounded “blasphemy” is crying out for much more!

  • ed

    three of the London 7/7 tube bombers were pakis !!!!!

  • Islam as a whole creates a dysfunctional society. This is an example.

    Look at this in detail.

    A group of big strong young men, who think it is in their own best interests to savagely murder 130+ children.

    This is exactly what Islam creates.

    We deal with the core precepts of Islam or it will not stop.

    • winniec

      So true…the amorality of Islam, the depraved biography of Mohammed, the lacking historicity of early Islam…these are Islam’s weak spots that must be hammered so Muslims worldwide see Islam is false.

      • David Murrell

        I wonder how many of our corrupt media will take the trouble to criticize this vast, horrible war crime? Hardly any. Here we have these cowardly, evil men — posing with their arms — and yet too few of our media, or leaders, bother to condemn these sub-human cowards.

  • David

    Anyone here ever been to Pakistan?

    I have. Shithole doesn’t even scratch the surface.

    That place is beyond shithole, far in excess of any shithole the Western, Christian mind can conceive. Hell, it’s not even a real country! It’s just a name, stuck onto a cesspool full of human filth and the hapless creatures being pulled by that filth down to the bottom. Pakistan is a made-up country, you know; history knows no “Pakistan”, and there is, was, and never will be any such thing as a “native Pakistani”. There are only tribes, and money, and drugs, and misery, stuck together by Islam into a fetid mass that can never and will never endure. Call it Yugoslavia East.

    One time in Karachi, a lady walked up to me with a baby in her arms, crying and begging me for money for the baby. At first I thought the “baby” was some sort of doll, but as she got closer I looked closer and that’s when I realized she was carrying no doll but an actual, mummified dead human baby, its face painted with cosmetics.

    I ran and am still running today.

    I am a Catholic, and I believe in Jesus, but I have to tell you in all honesty that if by some miracle every Muslim on the planet dropped suddenly dead I wouldn’t feel a thing, and that’s wrong, but it’s honestly how I feel. I wish I didn’t, but I do. I’d like for one day to go by, just one day, without having to think about those lunatics and wonder what nightmare they’re cooking up next.

    “But you can’t tar all Muslims with the same brush! What about nice Mr. Dirkadirka down at the Schwarma Hut?” Well, what about him? He’s nice now, but what about tomorrow? Do you think he’d be nice if his kind were numerous enough to call the shots, or if someone in your town were to do something for which the Prophet demands death? That same nice, friendly guy at the schwarma stand today might slit your kid’s throat tomorrow. We certainly didn’t mind tarring the Japanese in America with the same brush — and for far, far less than American Muslims have done.

    “Nice” Muslims? Sure, there are nice Muslims. There were plenty of nice people in the Cheka, the NKVD, the SS and the Ustase, too. No, counting on the niceness of Muslims is like tiptoeing past the devil.

    from American Digest

    • When you say “from American Digest”, do you mean you’re quoting a piece or a comment from AD, or is that your actual personal experience? Just curious.

      • David

        from the sidebar at AD

  • AlanUK

    According to BBC Radio 4 this morning, the Taliban leaders stated that the order was to kill only the senior students, not the younger children.
    So that makes it all right, then!

  • DMB

    I think the Pakistanis will see the murdered children as just another “honor killing”. They don’t see death the way we do in the west. They seek it out.