Muslims must save Islam from Islamists

It seems there is no respite for the ordinary Muslim.

Barely a day goes by when news of fresh atrocities by our co-religionists isn’t in the headlines.

Most of the world’s billion-plus Muslims wouldn’t dream of killing in the name of Islam, but enough do to form a critical mass that has put us on a collision course with the rest of humanity.

  • Exile1981

    The stats show that

    1) about 20% of muslims in England would support armed violent jihad to bring in Sharia law to england. This number increases to 2/3 of those under 25 years old.
    2) 50% of muslims in England support sharia in England.
    3) There are supposed to be 1.4 billion muslims world wide.
    4) Muslims in predominately muslim nations support violent jihad at a rate of 75-80%.
    5) In the US and Canada 15% of muslims support violent jihad and the overthrow of democracy in their host nations. For those under 25 the results where about 50%.
    6) This is based on phone questions by the PEW foundation, so in the western world the numbers could be higher as those people would be somewhat concerned about arrest.

    From these stats I can draw a few conclusions:
    a) Unlike the official multicultural statement, muslims are becoming more not less radical with time spend in the host nation and less integrated,

    b) Assuming the PEW # are correct; there are between 210 million and 1.1 billion muslims in the world who are willing to take up active violent jihad.

    • Islam is a violent supremacist cult, it inspires bloodshed wherever it is found, yet it amazes me that so many refuse to acknowledge this self-evident fact.

      • Alain

        Yes, and that is why expecting something different is nonsense. Remove all that is supremacist, violent and militant and you have very little left. Furthermore it is forbidden to change a single word, so I rest my case. It is a dishonesty to classify it as a religion in the first place unless communism is also classified as a religion.

    • Petrilla

      And we must fight it. Islam. Unlike Sony, different terrorist group, maybe… Hollywood, well it looks like Hollywood lost to North Korea terrorists. Maybe all the Sony stars could either sheet off their multimillionaire dollar pots of gold , like Matt Damon hating American oil but his movie being funded by Saudi Arabia to the detriment of the US and Canadian oil industries. Hypocrisy like that. Can’t say I am unhappy about it. Except to say that Hollywood should have given the finger to the hackers and carried on. But that would take integrity and guts. Hollywood doesn’t seem to have many real men or real stars anymore. This is when Hollywood died, when it was revealed to the world that is was nothing more than a pit of snakes.

  • Ron MacDonald

    How considerate, they left his glasses on so he can better see the rocks coming his way.

  • Martin B

    So the guy buried up to his chest in the dirt must save Islam from the guys who will stone him to death in the name of Allah in exactly the same way their Prophet stoned people to death in the name of Allah. OK.

  • Islam has remained un-reformed for 1,400 years. And look at what has happened – from Morocco to the Philippines.

    Without reformation the process will continue.

    Deal with it now. Because before too long it will be too late.

  • AlanUK

    Mr BCF, can you tell us what the photo is about? Is it supposed to be a genuine scene, if so, where? Or is it only a photoshop?

    • Exile1981

      It’s the first step in an islamic stoning, they bury the person to the chest so they can’t escape, then they let them plead for their life and most often they then stone them to death. The picture is from the Somali times.

      • AlanUK

        Thank you for the link. I am aware of the process but I hadn’t seen that photo before.

  • Just a thought

    How do you salvage dreck? You can’t “save” what isn’t worth saving.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Islam does not view any people as actually being human beings so murder is a nonsequitor. It’s a meaningless construct.

  • Petrilla

    It seems there is no respite to we in the Free World from the wretched Islam. At first I thought it was a kid helping his father grow food with the money we regularly send to World Vision. WRONGO! No more money, better to help people in our own communities.