Dalhousie University condemns dentistry students’ ‘Gentlemen’ Facebook group

Dalhousie University has issued an apology for a “deeply disturbing” Facebook group in which fourth-year dentistry students made jokes about drugging and raping women.

The Class of DDS 2015 Gentlemen group has been taken down, but screenshots obtained by CBC show its 12 members posted rape jokes next to pictures of women.

  • Pete_Brewster

    So all that happened was that some young men told off-colour jokes? In a well-ordered world the university would have told the tattletales to find more productive uses of their time—like studying for their exams.

    • Well they did use pictures of fellow female students, so it is a bit uglier but yes it is also overblown.

  • David Murrell

    The Dalhousie U. hubdrub was the lead item on Tuesday night’s (December 16) CBC National, ahead of the Taliban’s massacre of 130 children. This is indicative of CBC News’s values.

    • That figures;)

    • ntt1

      yeah, while the hypocritical bastards are scurrying to cover up their own in house rape culture

  • ntt1

    another moral panic ginned up by progressive puritans. why are we allowing these light weight marxists to impose their ideology on us?

  • SrSam

    Hey Pete,how about we let one of the dental students take your picture, put it on a web site and encourage students at Dalhousie to a) hate you and b) to ram a 3″ pipe up your rectum and then you and that teller of “off colour jokes” will sit beside each other tomorrow in the same class room studying dentistry and all be friends. Sure.