Church of England names first female bishop – as government unveils plans to fast-track them into the House of Lords

Libby Lane on her ‘unexpected joy’ at being 1st female bishop

The Church of England has named its first female bishop, just four weeks after elevating women to the role was approved.

Rev Libby Lane, who has spent much of her career working in the North East has been announced the new Bishop of Stockport, an assistant in the Chester Diocese.

The historic move comes a month after the General Synod in York approved legislation to elevate women to the position and 20 years after the first women were ordained as priests.

It marks a dramatic change in the Church of England and comes as it was revealed the Government is planning to introduce legislation tomorrow to Parliament to allow female bishops into the House of Lords…

Although this seems like a progressive idea, it well may signal the final decline of the Church of England. Experience with other denominations — like the United Church of Canada — accepting female (and gay) leaders seems to presage the final descent of a church into a mushy, not-really-Christian, leftist social justice organization.  

There are few takers for such churches because most leftists are agnostics or atheists.  

Some evangelical denominations have had female pastors for a long time (such as the Salvation Army), but they are protected by their insistence on staying closing to the text of the Bible.