Cats vs. Christmas Trees

h/t Xavier

  • Waffle

    thank goodness we don’t use candles anymore!!

    • You bet. Pip burned his nose and whiskers on a candle once.

      • Dana Garcia

        Is that the origin of “BlazingCafFur” ?

  • Appreciative Reader

    Great compilation! We have a new kitty in our lives — a Birman cat named Snow — whom we’ve inherited from a family who wasn’t able to continue caring for her. We’ll see if she’ll live up to her feline friends in the video.

    • Birman cats are lovely!

    • They are lovely.

    • Lovely is what they are. But don’t let her put mice in your bed. Mine (not a Birman just a rotten moggie) put one in my bed and now I check it every time.

      • Waffle

        She loves you very much. It’s a gift!!

        • Frau Katze

          Exactly. Look what I’ve caught! Shall we eat it together?

          • I came across an assertion on Cracked, which of course is where I get most of my scientific information, that cats actually bring you mice because they’ve noticed that you’re crap at hunting and so they’re trying to help you. They do this with their kittens. “Look, here’s a dead mouse. Isn’t it lovely? Tomorrow I’ll bring you a live mouse and you can figure out how to kill it.” (The females are by far the best mousers.)

            This is actually a very plausible explanation for Sneaky Cat’s bahaviour. “I put a mouse in your bed. It’s right there, in your bed, so this should be easy for you. See if you can manage to make it dead. Then you can have as many dead mice as you want! Why are you trying to catch it in that container? You’re doing this all wrong…”

      • ntt1

        hey thats tribute ,its your cut of the loot,I get garter snakes and rock lizards

  • The battle is real!

  • ntt1

    we hang our tree by a safety wire hidden under the star, the wire hooks over a stout ceiling hook left over from some hippy foolishness with bloody ferns. the reason is that having gone through about 4 generations of Siamese , we have long ago learned that a hanging arangement is totaly immune to attacks of crazy cat. it might swing abit but in general it maintains until the fit passes, the foot is in a water bucket as per usual.
    the biggest problem is ingestion of tinsel ,it passes through but wont allow the beast to free its self in the litter box. As a result there are panicked stampedes through the house with turds on shiny tinsel strings arrayed behind the cat like tins behind a newly weds car. we got used to it, but it still shocks visitors

    • Frau Katze


  • bob e

    this post is moocho funny. !! had ta’ read it twice ..

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    The cats eating the tensel!
    I remember that from the 1970’s
    We used to call their droppings ‘silver bullets’.