Was 2014 the year political correctness went stark raving mad?

It’s official: 11.29am yesterday morning was the precise moment we officially reached Peak Political Correctness.

For, surely, the liberal intelligentsia jostling among themselves to be “the most outraged on the planet” couldn’t possibly get any more preposterous than what we witnessed on Twitter.

It centred around the religion of the Sydney hostage taker, a man who had earlier been photographed wearing a black headband bearing the Arabic phrase “we are your soldiers, O Muhammad” – then called for an Islamic state flag.

Some individuals, perhaps naively, deduced on social media the perpetrator might just conceivably be a Muslim – and an unholy Twitter storm erupted.

Outraged Tweeters fought to be the most offended by these “outrageous, Islamaphobic” allegations, declaring that “until his faith is officially verified you’re just another racist scumbag!”

Less than two hours later, the hostage taker was identified as “radical Muslim cleric” Man Maron Monis. There was no “racism”: the Muslim man who’d declared himself a Muslim was, after all, a Muslim…