Turkey: Van cats poised to escape extinction at university

The famous cats of the eastern province of Van appear set to escape extinction thanks to the efforts of the Van Cat Research and Application Center, which was formed under the auspices of Van Yüzüncü Yıl University in the 1990s.

The cats are known for their congeniality, silky fur, different eye colors and fascination with water. The center, which has been working for the sustainability of the Van cat breed, has attracted considerable national attention in recent years.

The center raises new kittens in its cat house and has prohibited them from being removed from the town.

The director of the center, Professor Abdullah Kaya, said they were enjoying a productive season full of useful research…

  • I never heard of Van Cats, they are handsome.

  • I’m moving to Turkey to raise kittens! Yay!

    • Might wanna re-think that, we could smuggle a few out though.

  • Waffle
  • Linda1000

    I don’t know if this is a Van cat … but so cute.
    “I can’t breathe”.

    • Waffle

      LOL!! Linda, do you remember Momo from the Alberta flood? She isn’t a Van, she’s either a tabby or a Maine Coon but she sure can swim and she didn’t need any prodding to leap out of that drowning truck and swim to safety.

      • Linda1000

        Yes, I do remember that story. I didn’t mean to post the picture of the rifle.
        I don’t know if I can delete it now but I’ll try to edit. Lol
        Great videos you posted.

        • Waffle

          Thanks. I thought the riflegirl was Catwoman. But then again, Catwoman has special powers, doesn’t she and doesn’t need anything like an assault rifle.

          • Linda1000

            That’s a picture of some kind of new Israeli gun. That’s all I remember about it.
            It seems Disqus does not allow deletion of pictures so never click on the wrong one to post. Lol

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