Today’s Multicultural Moment: Men arrested after Isil leaflets handed out in Oxford Street

Two men have been arrested following a storm over extremists handing out leaflets in London’s Oxford Street urging Britons to join Isil.

The men, both from Luton, were arrested on Tuesday by counter-terrorism police on suspicion of supporting a proscribed organisation.

  • Exile1981

    The simple fact that they are handing out the leaflets she ensure they are booted out of the country. I’m so tired of the idiots from “No one is illegal” and other open border groups. They want to allow anyone to enter the country but the y forget there is a reason to keep people out, diseases first among them but also look at the damage a single lone nut can do.

    • They won’t suffer serious consequence.

      • Exile1981

        Unfortunately your correct.

  • feta

    Islamic British, don’t you just lurv them!!