Tim Blair: “A remarkably prescient 2009 piece on Man Haron Monis/Sheik Haron”

In the many media conferences and interfaith meetings I’ve attended, Muslims have regularly complained that the media cast them in a poor light.

However valid that complaint may be, it loses all credibility when they don’t go after the radicals in their community.

If they don’t, the media will do it for them.

And in the case of Sheik Haron, he was really very hard to miss.

  • ed

    radical devout muslims want to behead you , moderate muslims want radical devout to behead you !

  • feta

    Tim is a closet misogynistic journalist.

    • How do you figure? Because he calls some lefty women “frightbats”?

      • b_marco

        Assuming it’s not a flattering compliment? There’s no Urban Dictionary entry for that yet. Just saying.

    • b_marco

      Cool I’ll have to check out his work.

    • Minicapt

      Tim hasn’t been ‘closeted’ for years.And if you check up on the females he suggests might be classed as “frightbats”, you will conclude he is not a misogynist. As for being a journalist, no-one’s perfect.