The Enemy Who Cannot Be Accurately Name Cannot Be Readily Defeted

File this under ‘self-hating white dudes’ for now, until we come up with a better name for the condition.

Right around the 30-second mark they both get to yuk it up about one of Anderson Cooper’s 80-year-old ancestors getting beaten to death by a slave.

He thinks it’s cool, edgy, and funny.

What if the Grandfather was protecting his Granddaughter from being raped by said rebellious “slave”? Would that be as funny? To his crowd, maybe even doubly so.

Can we name this level of racial self-loathing?

That’s all I want to do for now.

Hat tip to: Radix


  • Brett_McS

    There is no self-loathing involved. It is preening at the expense of ones ancestors and kin. The worse they were/are the greater is my achievement in becoming the wonderful, outstanding person that I am.

    It’s a version of “The Four Yorkshiremen” skit, but more absurd.

    • Blacksmith

      True, but the German word probably could not be pronounce without a couple years of study as it would have used every letter in the alphabet twice…….

  • mauser 98

    …..not to be out done

    De Blasio to Purge Caucasians From City Hall’s Art Collection
    “discussions on how to update the building’s collection to celebrate
    that diversity are underway,” Mayoral spokeswoman Marti Adams said

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    Only an idiot would laff about that. An 80 year old crock, huh? I bet it was a fair fight. Only fair if whitey dies.

  • Fran800

    Henry Louis Gates Jr. Wasn’t he the one who tried to break into his own house, and then tried to smash the career and life of the policeman who was trying to defend his property against an unknown housebreaker?