Terror in Sydney: pandering to extremists

Two victims and the gunman are dead after a hostage crisis in Australia. But why is support for Muslims greater than support for victims?

  • ontario john

    In today’s episode of “Nothing to do with Islam”, eighty school children were murdered in Pakistan by the religion of peace. I’m sure it will be called politically motivated. Yes, that is the new description of any activity by batshit crazy muslims, “politically motivated”.

    • Justin

      Actually the latest number of the dead are 136 and over 110 are school children. On the other hand, the most bizarre, the most disgusting, the sickening, the most weird, the most strange, the most sinister, the most repulsive, the most ghastly and the most nauseating is the support Western that spineless societies, whether they are Australian or Canadian or others offer to Muslims after an islamic terrorists attack anywhere in the Western world. (Remember the Hamilton muslim-supporting drama after two Canadian soldiers where murdered by islamic terrorists in Canada just a few weeks ago?). This shows me that the Western society
      has become profoundly and hopelessly STUPID and is absolutely detached from common sense reality. It would BE VERY HIGHLY ADVISABLE for THE WESTERN SOCIETIES to COMMIT ONE MASS SUICIDE OR BECOME SLAVES FOR MUSLIMS.

      • Porky17

        Unfortunately, we are gradually becoming slaves to Muslims by permitting unhindered mass immigration of Muslims to our nations, allowing the erosion of free speech, and so on and so on. Whether or not this trend can be reversed in Canada and the US remains to be seen, but I frankly see little hope in Europe or the UK.

    • David Murrell

      Well put.

  • Brett_McS

    In our – admittedly male-dominated – engineering office the main question was why the turd wasn’t taken out by a sniper in the first five minutes. For the record I believe the police acted optimally.

    • Minicapt

      All of the really good ideas tend to show up in the after-action review and discussion. Then you try to learn the new lessons and do better the next time.
      As for the sniper shot, the quick answer begins with “tell us all about the window”.


  • David Murrell

    To be sure, none of the broadcast media cartel (the CBC, CTV, and Global News) will condemn this war crime atrocity. Nor will our powerful print media (the Star, the Globe). They will all chime in, and claim that the Taliban have nothing to do with Islam, and it is all the West’s fault. War crimes? Naahhh! Nothing to do with Islam!

  • loulou

    Easy Stockholm syndrome

  • loulou

    Secondly, The public prefer denial. It contains the processing of information

  • roccolore

    Liberals will always take the side of Islam.