Sydney siege: Australian Muslim woman explains why she kept her children at home following attack

Amani Kerr stayed at home with her children on Thursday and Friday, following the tragic events that unfolded in Sydney. NOTE THE SIZE OF THE FAMILY: FIVE LITTLE MUSLIMS.

Canberra woman Amani Kerr said she withdrew her children from primary school on Monday after hearing of the Lindt cafe siege in which three people later died.

She was one of many Australian Muslims who were on tenterhooks today as the broader community responded to the tragedy.

Ms Kerr was taking her lunch break at work when she first saw news of the event on Facebook.

She immediately rushed to her children’s school at Bonner and took them home, where the television and the radio have been turned off since the attack.

“I felt very shocked, sad and shattered about what’s happened. I couldn’t concentrate on work anymore,” she said.

“I had to leave and go and pick up my kids from school. I needed them to be with me, I didn’t want them to see what was going on.”

Ms Kerr wears a head scarf and said she had faced discrimination in Canberra in the past…

Kerr. Good Islamic name. Sounds like she married a European-descended man and convinced to convert to Islam. (Or it could be just a transliteration.)  If she did, the story here is that fact, plus the size of the family.

  • Gary

    OMG, so from now on every muslim in the public sector will be able to leave work during a Jihad terrorism attack by a muslim when it is on the News.
    Watch for it to be justified by CUPE and OPSEU as a PTSD for a non-backlash stress in the event it actually happens one day. So basically , muslims aren’t upset that civilian infidels were killed, it’s that their kids might see the truth and leave islam for fear of being used as a suicide-bomber as we see in Gaza.

  • john s

    Well I suppose she is just expecting australians to act like muzzies would. If an Australian were to kill a couple of people in her country just for being there I am sure her fellow peaceful muslims would hit the streets looking for white people to attack. So from her point of view, she is just being prudent……and an attention grabbing a-hole.

  • Alain

    Frankly darling I really don’t give a damn. Not happy feel free to leave for a Muslim country.

    • roccolore

      They won’t leave. No welfare benefits outside Australia.

      • Alain

        They won’t leave because they came as invaders and colonisers, and even better since as you say they get all kinds of welfare benefits.

  • Pete_Brewster

    Never fear, Frau. Still time to neuter the pups before they become a real problem and the mother before she whelps another.

    As for the mother, if she thought for a minute anybody would harm her babies, she wouldn’t be in her lovely Canberra apartment. She’d be on the first plane back to Gonococcustan.

    • Disgusting.

      • Pete_Brewster

        Comparing a suicide bomber factory to VD? Maybe I went overboard. I may have committed microaggression against bacteria.

        • It is disgusting to talk about “spaying and neutering” human beings, to call children “pups” and talk about women “whelping”. You left out the bit about how she gets “bent over” (evidently the only sexual position you’re familiar with) and such.

          Her family should never have been let into Oz, certainly, but then I’ve no idea why you were ever let into America. Calvinism clearly rots decency. Vicious, nasty heresy.

          You’re an embarrassment to this blog.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Muslims never miss a chance to blame their host societies for the terror attacks they commit against their host societies.
    It really is the perfect system, for them.
    Every time a bomb goes off its like the sound of a slot machine payout in a casino to those people.
    Her kids, even if they kill no Australians will each cost the Australian taxpayer millions over the course of their lifetime in welfare benefits.

  • G

    And how many carefully leading questions did it take for the journalist to invent an incident of “discrimination” suffered by this pooooor woman?

    Excuse me, you dumb assed terrorist dispenser, you can’t point to ANYTHING that ANYONE did to make you feel threatened. You just felt threatened. – just cuz – that’s it. And the ever compliant press were right there to fabricate a story to support your paranoia.

  • Sharkibark

    Two dead Aussies and one dead a$$hole – who had family and who are no doubt now tending to their terribly broken hearts with 9 days until Christmas. This stupid woman should worry about her own husband or whoever spawned her brood stabbing her and lighting her on fire in a stairwell before ever worrying about how the sons and daughters of a British monarchy are maybe going to go spit on her shoes or write a grammatically perfect letter to the editor about the muslim invasion of western lands? I’m pretty frickin’ sure the family of those dead Australians would have welcomed a frowny look on the tram vs. a dead mother, sister, brother or son. F U sister, F U.

  • G

    “I felt very shocked, sad and shattered about what’s happened”

    Sssuuuuuurrre you did.
    How so? That the gunman didn’t get away …or that he didn’t shoot more hostages?

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      She is sad that he never got his ISIS flag.

  • roccolore

    Here we go again, Muslims playing the victim.

    • Frau Katze

      Yep. Textbook case.

  • kemo

    5 children. A great tax rebate in Australia.
    folks, just because they have an Australian passport don’t trust them.

  • winniec

    Here’s a clue: “I didn’t want them to see what was going on.”
    She wants to hide the reality of jihad from her kids or hide the fact that the jihadist is dead or hide the fact that jihad is glorious?
    Is she going to hide them from the Koran, the hadiths, the Sira. Is she going to deceive them to think Islam is like Buddhism and deny that the Mohammed in the Sira is the REAL MOHAMMED?
    She wants to hide the sickening truth about Islam from her children.

  • RevnantDream

    With more on the way no doubt. Where are the population control fanatics hiding when it comes to Muslims?

  • Aww, poor victim.

    I hope she informs everyone of the time she was nearly bumped into while at the market, clearly a sign of backlash… or something.