Sydney siege: Australian Muslim woman explains why she kept her children at home following attack

Amani Kerr stayed at home with her children on Thursday and Friday, following the tragic events that unfolded in Sydney. NOTE THE SIZE OF THE FAMILY: FIVE LITTLE MUSLIMS.

Canberra woman Amani Kerr said she withdrew her children from primary school on Monday after hearing of the Lindt cafe siege in which three people later died.

She was one of many Australian Muslims who were on tenterhooks today as the broader community responded to the tragedy.

Ms Kerr was taking her lunch break at work when she first saw news of the event on Facebook.

She immediately rushed to her children’s school at Bonner and took them home, where the television and the radio have been turned off since the attack.

“I felt very shocked, sad and shattered about what’s happened. I couldn’t concentrate on work anymore,” she said.

“I had to leave and go and pick up my kids from school. I needed them to be with me, I didn’t want them to see what was going on.”

Ms Kerr wears a head scarf and said she had faced discrimination in Canberra in the past…

Kerr. Good Islamic name. Sounds like she married a European-descended man and convinced to convert to Islam. (Or it could be just a transliteration.)  If she did, the story here is that fact, plus the size of the family.