Reporter who broke bogus $72 million whiz kid story is pretty pleased with herself

Poor Jessica must be getting some nasty feedback — she is ‘protecting’ her tweets. She brags about a fake story? WTF?


More at Twitchy here, here and here.

  • G

    “Check your facts first. You are a moron and deserve to be fired.”

    Oh please like any of these assholes are EVER held accountable.

  • Clausewitz

    Back in 81 when I was learning broadcasting from Norm Marshal, he had a good saying, “When in doubt, leave it out”. Seems in J school these days it’s, “When in doubt, make shit up”.

    • The Goat

      Ship now, patch later.

      • Clausewitz

        More like bullshit above the fold, retraction on page 47, small print.