Pip stole my wallet

I spent the last couple of hours in a frantic search knowing with certainty that the last time I could recall seeing it was Sunday at the Target check-out paying for Mom’s purchases.

We turned the house upside down & then headed out to Target to see if anyone had turned it in. No luck.

I drove back home dreading that I would be on the phone till God know’s when cancelling this and finding out how to replace that.

One last effort and then the calls would begin.

And there it was, batted under some shoes. I say batted because only Pip could have so cleverly hidden my lifeline, after first chewing on it.

We were wondering why he had taken to sleeping in his “house” these last few days after ignoring it since the day we bought it for him.

He was no doubt wracked by guilt. Now I have to check my cards to see what charges he made.

He has a history you know. Money, and once a check went missing.