Michigan: Christian Nativity Scene at the State Capitol out, Satanist “holiday display” in

LANSING – A Christian Nativity at the Capitol is out, but a Satanist group from Detroit will erect its own “holiday display” at the statehouse.

The display, which depicts a snake wrapped around the Satanic cross presenting a book as a holiday gift, will be featured on the northeast lawn at the Capitol Dec. 21 to 23, said Jex Blackmore, a member of the Detroit chapter of the Satanic Temple. The cross reads, “The greatest gift is knowledge.”

“Encouraging families to have important discussions and to learn from each other and to spend the holidays promoting knowledge … is just something we think is important,” Blackmore, whose phone number begins with the digits 666, said today.

Still I prefer it to this mockery... Great Leader Kim Dong Wynne Sends Out Mysterious Unnamed “Holiday” Card

  • Exile1981


    Of course there is a lot in common between the satanist movement and progresivsism. They both believe in misery and bowing down to a cruel sadistic master.

  • Dana Garcia

    Western Satanists should stop dinking around and go all in with Islam, which advances the agenda of evil very efficiently.

  • just a thought

    Atheist Nazis also claimed to be the “guardians of knowledge” as they were throwing books into the bonfires.

  • roccolore

    I’m surprised it wasn’t a Ramadan display, considering it is Michigan.