Just STFU @TonyAbbottMHR – Australian PM: ISIS ‘Has Nothing to Do With Any Religion’

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott declared that ISIS “has nothing to do with any religion” during a press conference on Tuesday.

  • truepeers

    How depressing when our “leaders” tell the most transparent lies. You can argue whether they have the best interpretation of their religion, but to deny that their motivation is in the first place theistic, not in any way humanist, is willful blindness,

    • It is depressing, it shows how much they live in fear of the diversity they foisted on us.

      • Martin B

        It was the State that opened the floodgates and welcomed Haron into the country in the first place.
        It was the State that refused to throw a known public supporter of terrorism out of the country.
        It was the State that let him out on bail to freely wander the streets of Sydney, despite being charged with a whole slew of rapes and being accessory to a woman’s horrifying murder.
        It was the State that disarmed law-abiding citizens while leaving him free to wreak murder and mayhem with his shotgun.

        No wonder the State is in deep, deep denial.

  • Exile1981

    I’d like to think that Abbott and Harper were saying these things to keep the islamists in the country from seeing what is going on and keeping them from realizing the axe is about to fall on their little jihad program…. but I don’t think that is what is really going on. – sigh

    • Minicapt

      ‘… expert advice from knowledgable experts who have the official credentials certifying their knowledge is of expert quality, and that they can advise on the subject of “Islam is Peace” …’


  • apple

    We have surrendered our culture (hosts) to appease Islamists.

    We fought for our country. Not A majority Islamic community.

  • winniec

    ISIS has not been condemned by the top authority in Islam, Al Azhar’s Grand Imam.
    ISIS is Islamic by any strict definition.

  • These “leaders” are nothing more than traitors. They need to be tried for treason.

  • Alain

    I expected better from him of all people. Too bad he did not have the honesty and courage to state that Islam has nothing to do or in common with any religion instead of this poppycock.

  • anon

    Tony Abbott@ #nothing to do with reality
    …and he’s one of our “best”

  • tom_billesley