It was an act of jihad

So the world’s media, who overwhelmingly have no problem identifying racism as the motive of American police who shoot black suspects, were utterly baffled about the cause of this restaurant hostage taking.

  • Gary

    I think that the more the enemedia refuses to give the glory to these islamist jihadist murderers by grasping at any Root-Causes to excuse away their actions will merely enrage them to be more violent and murderous until they get their 15 minutes of fame.
    Serial killers do it for the fame and possible Movie that will keep them alive on the silver screen as they rot in jail on death row.

  • phuque uguugle

    islam is haram in Australia and if you don’t like it leave.Syria is a great place for you the YPG and YPJ need more targets.<:o)

  • David Murrell

    Ezra in his monologue, on the Source yesterday, hit hard against the pro-Islamist media, for covering up the Islamist underpinnings to the Australian hostage taking and murders. And this morning the Globe and Mail, not to be outdone by the dhimmi appeasers, instructs is long-suffering readers in its lead editorial, “Terror — but was it terrorism?”:

    I.e., the pro-Islamist Globe and Mail plays silly word games, calling the mudering Muslim an isolated Iranian, with no ties (supposedly) to organized jihad. One can condemn the murdering jihaddists all we want, but another evil enemy are the mass media, and the fellow-travellers who support Islamist murder. The Globe and Mail is in that group.

  • winniec

    An act of jihad? Exactly. When the Iranian jihadist Monis displayed an ISIS flag in the window of the café, there was no ambiguity.
    When Officer Wilson responded to a jaywalker who refused to get off the street, punched him in the face, tried to take his handgun and kill him and then charged at him, he responded as a cop of any colour would. Officer Wilson did not hold up a White Nation flag before shooting.

  • PC BS has destroyed the value of the MSM.