ISIS-like ideology flourishes in Canada

Leaders of the Canadian Muslim community have repeatedly condemned ISIS practices blaming it of extreme and misguided interpretation of the Quran and deviation of the right path of the true Islamic teachings. However, examining the views of leading Canadian imams and Islamic books that are being sold or distributed for free in Canada, reveals similarities to ISIS ideology.

The Walk in Islamic Info Center (WIIC), a Toronto-based organization dedicated to Dawah (propagating Islam) activity, distributes for free at Dundas Square in downtown Toronto the book “Human Rights in Islam and Common Misconceptions.” The book stipulates “two exceptions as legitimate sources of slaves,” which are “war captives, or prisoners of lawfully declared wars by a Muslim ruler” and “an inherited slave born from two slave parents.” Other sections of the book sanction crucifixion, chopping off thieves’ limbs, stoning adulterers to death, imposing the Jizyah tax on non-Muslim residents and launching to jihad to spread the message of Islam.