France to have Muslim president in 2022, predicts Michel Houellebecq

France’s most famous living novelist, Michel Houellebecq, appears on course for a fresh literary polemic after it emerged his next book predicts a Muslim will beat the far-Right Front National to run the country in 2022.

Few details had previously emerged about the latest work of France’s literary enfant terrible, who shot to global fame with Atomised and recently won France’s top literary award, Le Goncourt, for The Map and the Territory.

But on Tuesday, it was reported that his next book, out on January 7, is called Submission – a reference to Islam and the submission of infidels to Allah through conversion to the religion.

Set in the very near future, the novel reportedly predicts that despite his record unpopularity, François Hollande, the current Socialist president, manages to clinch a second five-year term in 2017

  • WalterBannon

    Well then we should nuke France too.

    • DavidinNorthBurnaby

      Same problem as with the Danes, got no nukes. 🙁

      • Exile1981

        Actually they may not be exactly true. Rumour has it there are 2 old nuclear warheads in Canada that were accidentally not removed years ago and are still in storage. When they were discovered in the 90’s no one wanted to dispose of them or admit they had been found for fear of the political consequences / fallout because Canada had claimed for years to be nuclear free and doing so then would have tarnished the memory of turdeau senior.

  • Gary

    Here in Canada we had Imam Steve Rockwell on a radio show claiming that muslims are out breeding all other groups and Canada will become an islamic Nation run by sharia because the quran instructs them to live by sharia law when they are the majority in one area , and once the majority in the entire nation they must do jihad to claim it for allah as a Caliphate ruled by sharia. Somehow this guy can make threats at Canada that muslims will take it over one day.

  • Ron MacDonald

    A more likely scenario is the French will tire of their Muslim problem and take steps to rid themselves of them before 2022.

  • Alain

    At the rate things are going (open borders and government in denial) it will happen unless there is a major change. The same applies to just about every Western country, so we need not feel too smug either.

  • Waffle

    Twenty years ago, I told an American friend that they would elect a black man as president long before they’d ever elect a woman, so I wouldn’t put anything out of the bounds of possibility.

    • luna

      Before a Mormon too.

  • Clausewitz

    That’s the year I retire. Guess I’ll have to tell the wife we’ll be skipping Paris on our round the world junket.

  • luna

    Why not? USA one.

    Does he mean openly Muslim? This may be bad.