Fact-Finding in the Middle East

I don’t usually get so personal in these columns, but today I want you to know that I feel particularly blessed. I am in the Holy Land with my friends, Dr. Ben and Candy Carson.

Israel is one of my favorite travel destinations in the world. This will be my eighth visit. It is the first trip there for the Carsons and it is truly a privilege to escort them through this remarkable country.

Dr. and Mrs. Carson are deeply faithful Christians, who I suspect will soon find themselves enveloped by the deep sense of spirituality that is palpable in the air of Israel. They will no doubt be very moved by the experience of touring Israel’s capital city Jerusalem, a city sacred to Jews, Christians and which, despite not being mentioned in the Koran, has become significant for Muslims too.

  • Rosenmops

    This guy is thinking of running for president, for the Republicans, I would think. But he has no political experience. Despite that, I think he would be a big improvement on the current president.

  • I’m for the republican “double black” ticket for 2016.

    Ben Carson for president and Allen West for VP.

    The MSM would not know what to do. And the straight talking Carson and West could do the impossible.

    Go – Carson and West.

    • Justin

      Carson/West run would be thrilling!