Europe should learn Ethiopia’s ‘Islam lesson’

Cave church, Abna Yamata Guh, Tigray Ethiopia.  I wonder why they chose caves?  These are remote areas, hard to access.  Safety, perhaps?  Christianity has existed in Ethiopia since first century AD.

Yet another Christian church was destroyed by Muslims in Ethiopia—this time by local authorities.

Heaven’s Light Church, which served some 100 evangelical Christians, was demolished last November 28. The church had stood and functioned in the Muslim-majority city of Harar for five years. In the days preceding the destruction, officials forcibly removed the church’s exterior sign and warned believers not to worship there, citing complaints by a local Muslim. Officials further told church members who had previously congregated at the church “not to gather under what remains of the church building.” Accordingly, Christians are now meeting in homes of individual believers.

Prior to the demolition of the church, when some Christian leaders protested, they were illegally detained, released only after community members, “outraged by the wrongful detentions,” called “for their immediate release,” reported International Christian Concern, a rights advocacy group supporting the Christians…

For those few Western observers who live beyond the moment and have an interest in the “big picture”—the world bequeathed to future generations—it is well to reflect on the question of numbers in the context of Ethiopia. As Jonathan Racho, another official at ICC, earlier said, “It’s extremely disconcerting that in Ethiopia, where Christians are the majority, they are also the victims of persecution.”

That Muslims are an otherwise peaceable minority group in Ethiopia, but in enclaves where they represent the majority, they attack their outnumbered Christian countrymen, suggests that Muslim aggression and passivity are very much rooted in numbers. This reflects what I call “Islam’s Rule of Numbers,” which holds that,wherever and whenever Muslims grow in number—and thus in strength and confidence—so too does Muslim intolerance for “the other” grow…

  • Exile1981

    It won’t be long before the famous rock churches are destroyed.

    • One hopes not.

    • Justin

      If the Ethiopians adopt the Western garbage political system called “liberal democracy” then for sure they will lose their very strong Orthodox Christianity which they have defended for millennia both from islam and from the encroachments of the Western secularist Christianity. But if they stay true to their Orthodoxy and reject Western secularism and “liberal democracy” islam will NEVER, EVER , EVER threaten Ethiopian Christianity. Never!

  • RevnantDream

    This whole story is true including the number theory. Cults cannot abide others beliefsa

    • Frau Katze

      Yes, it’s disturbing how they get arrogant once they become a local majority.

      • Exile1981

        It’s not arrogance Frau, they always plan on murdering non-believers they just know that until they hit the critical thresh hold they must bide their time and wait.

  • If Europeans won’t learn from their own Islamists, they sure as hell won’t learn from Ethiopia’s.

    • Just a thought

      They are too arrogant, it seems. Read yesterday someone described Lefties as “yeasty heads” which seems about right.

      • You can make something out of yeast.

        Europeans… I just don’t know anymore.

  • Blacksmith

    That this is presented as news should scare the heck out of anyone who has been awake for the last couple of decades. Longer if you have been paying attention.