Canadian Muslim youth need support (To Hate Israel) says ex CAIR-Can member

“Very few resources, if any, have been applied to understanding and listening to the youth themselves. We have made little effort to provide safe spaces for them to express their grief and confusion and receive counselling. Why? Are we willing to validate their pain and embrace their anguish and express the same outrage over the suffering of Palestinian, Iraqi and Rohingya children that we do over the suffering of Israeli, Canadian and American children? Do we have a response when they ask that while Muslims continue to condemn violence committed by Muslims, fellow Canadians turn a blind eye to violence being committed against Muslims?”

  • Snakes against snakebite.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    They make their own bed, but they don’t want to lie in it, so they’ve decided to come over here, szchiddt in ours, and then blame us for everything…

  • DD_Austin

    The problem isn’t that a fifth columist immgrant muslim* writes this
    The problem is that a fifth columist progressive paper prints this
    and a fifth columist progressive government imported her and supported her
    over and against it’s own citizens

    *ignoring the basic problems with all muslims

  • CMH

    I have got a lot to say about this `moderate` hag but I will just keep it to myself at this point and say she is truly the ugliest woman in Winnipeg.