Australia: Tragicomic West stresses danger of “Islamophobia”

If ever you need a reminder of precisely what is wrong with the West today, and why we seem hell-bent on committing civilisational suicide in the face of the Islamist threat, you can always rely on the BBC, possibly the most influential news and current affairs machine in the Western world.

The Commentator is not usually taken aback by its slavishly politically correct agenda, but the level of the grovelling after the tragic and deadly saga in Sydney Australia over the last 24 hours has been astounding.

At the time of writing, the lead story on the BBC website is of course about that very tragedy, in which an Islamist fanatic took a random group hostage in a cafe, ultimately killing two of them.

He did this in the name of Islam. But you wouldn’t get that impression if you started to read the BBC’s lead story, which astoundingly managed to avoid mentioning the words Islam, Islamic, Islamist, Muslim, or any derivations thereof for a full 16 paragraphs. The New York Times, which led by calling the terrorist, Man Haron Monis an “armed man”, waited until paragraph 11.

In the Guardian’s main story — whose lead paragraph simply referred to a “gunman” — you had to wait until paragraph 24.

If you’d have blinked, you’d have missed it…