Australia: Tragicomic West stresses danger of “Islamophobia”

If ever you need a reminder of precisely what is wrong with the West today, and why we seem hell-bent on committing civilisational suicide in the face of the Islamist threat, you can always rely on the BBC, possibly the most influential news and current affairs machine in the Western world.

The Commentator is not usually taken aback by its slavishly politically correct agenda, but the level of the grovelling after the tragic and deadly saga in Sydney Australia over the last 24 hours has been astounding.

At the time of writing, the lead story on the BBC website is of course about that very tragedy, in which an Islamist fanatic took a random group hostage in a cafe, ultimately killing two of them.

He did this in the name of Islam. But you wouldn’t get that impression if you started to read the BBC’s lead story, which astoundingly managed to avoid mentioning the words Islam, Islamic, Islamist, Muslim, or any derivations thereof for a full 16 paragraphs. The New York Times, which led by calling the terrorist, Man Haron Monis an “armed man”, waited until paragraph 11.

In the Guardian’s main story — whose lead paragraph simply referred to a “gunman” — you had to wait until paragraph 24.

If you’d have blinked, you’d have missed it…

  • ontario john

    If those damn Christians would stop celebrating Christmas then misunderstood moderate muslims wouldn’t do these things. Why can’t they be like the media and politicians and stick to “Happy Holidays”. And the Anglican Journal website has lots of tweets on display promoting no backlash against islam. Because as we all know, “It has nothing to do with islam”. Happy Holidays.

    • Always makin trouble.

    • WalterBannon

      F happy Holidays.

      Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah.

      And nuke Islam.

      – from us athiests

  • WalterBannon

    Anyone who is not calling for the mass deportation of all muslims is clearly a racist.

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    One of the victims, Ms Dawson, was updating her FB, stressing that this POS Monis was livid because the media and politicians wouldn’t acknowledge that he was acting in the name of Islam. Unbelievable denial. Right from the jihadi’s own foul orifice and they still won’t tell the truth.

  • tom_billesley

    Mad Hoon Monis just couldn’t be a muslim.
    It’d pitch the BBC into mass cognitive dissonance.

  • Gary

    When I heard the News about the Honour-killing in Thorncliff Park to the Mother and her two kids , the vague reports by the Police and MSM didn’t fool me because Wynne’s pro-sharia misogynistic Mosque in the Valley park public school is all part of the Thorncliffistan taqiyyah to keep repeating how islam=peace .
    It’ s now implied to be a islamic sharia inspired crime when the media dances around the W5 and is vague , but don’t worry….the CBC sure makes a point of reporting a news item for they criminal faith when it’s a christian.
    The leftist liberals keep trying to excuse away islamic crimes by dragging up the same case about an Abortion clinic attacked by a Christian or the Timothy McViegh bombing.
    Pretty sad, with 22’000+ terrorism acts by muslims since 9/11 we have to listen to the 2 examples over and over again as if to paint islam as killing fewer civilians than the other faiths .

  • Alain

    If only the denial and lie were limited to the UK and Australia, one could still maintain hope of a return to sanity. However the MSM throughout the West marches in locked-step to the same lie. The common citizens are not buying it, which is perhaps why they are so desperate now in pushing the lie. For a very long time now they have been in the business of “forming” public opinion, and they cannot understand that those average citizens no longer buy their propaganda.

  • Clausewitz

    Not seeing much coverage of the 120+ school kids killed by the Taliban in Pakistan on the MSM. Thank goodness for Sun News.

    • tom_billesley

      MSM can’t handle that story for a few days. All their apologists are exhausted.