A Libyan ‘arms dealer’ carrying order for £18million of ammunition, two British ‘jihadis’ and 17 illegal migrants… all found in one lorry leaving Dover!

The charges were brought after two men were allegedly found among migrants in a lorry at the Port of Dover

When police stopped a suspicious looking lorry leaving Britain from Dover late one night, little did they suspect what they would find inside.

For crowded in the back was a Libyan terror suspect allegedly carrying an order for £18million of ammunition, two Britons suspected of plotting to fight with Islamic State in Syria and 17 illegal immigrants – all attempting to flee the country.

Yesterday details emerged for the first time of the extraordinary raid by Scotland Yard on November 30 this year, as three men found in the vehicle appeared in court charged with terrorist offences.

Westminster magistrates heard that among the 20 stowaways was Abdulraouf Eshati, 28, who yesterday appeared in court accused of carrying records relating to the purchase of $28.5million (£18.2million) of anti-aircraft, machine gun and AK47 ammunition and an order form for the £500,000 hire of a Russian cargo plane, all of which were said to be bound for Tobruk in Libya…

h/t Marvin