Wife Sought For 15-Year-Old Islamic State Child Fighter

A Chechen militant who has fought with the Islamic State (IS) group in Kobani has put out a request on social media for help to find a Chechen wife for a teenage Syrian boy also fighting with the group.

The militant, who calls himself Adam Al-Almany (“The German”) and who appears to be a Russian-speaking Chechen from Germany, is a member of the Chechen-led Katibat Al-Aqsa in Islamic State. Almany said on the Russian VKontakte social network on December 13 that he is seeking a bride for 15-year-old Abu Yusuf Ansary, who is the youngest fighter in the faction. Chechen and other North Caucasian groups in Syria call Syrian militants who fight with them “Ansars,” a term meaning “helpers” and which was originally used to refer to the local citizens of Medina who helped the Islamic Prophet Muhammad and his followers in that city.

Almany said that Abu Yusuf Ansary had taken part in a number of battles with Islamic State and was now looking for a Chechen wife.