The Supreme Court has decided to uphold an officer’s power to search your phone without a warrant.

  • Blacksmith

    Leftist go nuts and riot in 3…2….1… No? hmm wonder why …….

  • Pete_Brewster

    Those with sufficient funds to retain Marie Heinen excepted.

  • FactsWillOut

    I think it’s time to lock everybody up, and cart them to and from the collective farms and labour camps. If it prevents just one murder or act of microagression, then it’s worth it.

  • northernont

    Usually the way it works is the government has to justify violating your constitutional rights, not the other way around. Nostradamus has nothing on Orwell.

  • Doug Kursk

    Our unelected Supreme Court has way too much power to effect legislative change..tell me why we have elected governments again?

    • FactsWillOut

      why, we have elected governments to give us the illusion of choice without any substance.

  • ntt1

    defund the supreme court.