#Sydneysiege Muslim Hostage Takers Demand an IS Flag & Live Chat With Aussie PM

Upperdate – It’s all over Live coverage here. Unconfirmed reports of 2 Dead – one the Muslim – 3 injured.

Update – 5 – 9 more hostages have fled the cafe according to various reports, followed by a series of loud bangs Reports now of gunfire, hostage being attended by paramedics. Reports say Police have stormed the cafe, paramedics are removing hostages, no word on the likely soon to be dead Muslim yet.

I have a feeling this will end well for the hostages. The hostage taker, Man Haron Monis, appears at this time to be a lone nutter. He is an Iranian refugee convicted of sexual assault against 7 women while “employed” as a spiritual healer. He was also the bastard who sent hateful letters to the families of deceased Aussie soldiers, all that aside he does not strike me as the “killer” type, more an attention seeker if anything.

He is evidently incompetent… One clear shot ought to do it.


In a blow to the left wing narrative of denial and the MSM in general the Muslim(s) holding hostages at a Sydney cafe has demanded the media call the event an attack by the Islamic state.

The Muslim(s) have further demanded an Islamic State flag be supplied in return for the release of hostages and that a meeting be arranged with the Aussie PM.

Twitter remains as as good a source as any for news at this point – #sydneysiege #martinplace #sydneyhostagecrisis

Man Haron MonisReport – Hostage taker is Man Haron Monis an Iranian national Possible video of the nutter here.

AN Iranian self-styled sheik who sent offensive letters to the families of dead Diggers and is on bail for accessory to murder was last night holding 15 people hostage in a Sydney cafe.

The 49-year-old, who lives in Sydney’s southwest, stormed the Lindt cafe in Martin Place yesterday morning, brandishing a sawn-off shotgun and sparking one of the biggest hostage dramas in the nation’s history.

The heart of Australia’s biggest city was locked down and thousands of office workers were evacuated or kept trapped in their buildings after a gunman stormed the Lindt Chocolate Cafe in the CBD about 9.40am.

What Do We Know About Sydney Siege Suspect Man Haron Monis?

Hostage taker with Islamic flag gives Wendy Bacon a pleasant vision of a green future



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So far 5 hostages have managed to escape from the incompetent Muslim attackers.

Inevitably – Sydney cafe siege sparks Muslim call for calm amid backlash fear

From the Sheikh Man Haron Monis Web Page – Google cache.

Islam is the religion of peace, that’s why Muslims fight against the oppression and terrorism of USA and its allies including UK and Australia. If we stay silent towards the criminals we can not have a peaceful society. The more you fight with crime, the more peaceful you are. Islam wants peace on the Earth, that’s why Muslims want to stop terrorism of America and its allies. When you speak out against crime you have taken one step towards peace.

(14 December 2014)