Sydney Cafe Siege: Three Dead in Standoff

Man Haron Monis, seen in a 2011 photo, has been identified as the hostage-taker at a cafe in downtown Sydney. European Pressphoto Agency

SYDNEY—A siege that shut down a large part of central Sydney for more than 16 hours ended in bloodshed early Tuesday, after two hostages and their armed captor were killed when police stormed the cafe behind volleys of bullets.

New South Wales police said the lone gunman—identified as 50-year-old self-proclaimed cleric Man Haron Monis —was pronounced dead in hospital following the shootout at the Lindt Chocolate Café in Martin Place around 2:10 a.m. The two unnamed hostages, a 34-year-old man and a 38-year-old woman, also died following the confrontation between the gunman and police.

Three other hostages and one police officer were injured in the tense conclusion to one of Australia’s biggest hostage dramas in years, police said. Armed officers throwing flash grenades and firing automatic weapons had stormed the cafe minutes after some of the hostages had fled to safety. The firefight abruptly ended negotiations with the gunman that had lasted several hours.

  • Linda1000
  • focstay

    Gone to meet the virgins in Allah Land. The Death Cult chalks up another.

  • koala

    He likes to write to families of Australian dead soldiers.

    He was a “poor” asylum seeker.
    Time to tickle Australian Islamic Testicles here, We will be called Islamophobes.

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    ‘self-proclaimed cleric’

    Rogue. Renegade. Maverick.

    Nothing to do with Islam, folks!
    So please avoid noticing patterns of behaviour shared by people in various locations across the globe!

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    “self proclaimed cleric” – Oh, just like Muckmudd the perverse (spit).
    “I am a prophet.”
    “No you’re not”

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    Police went in when they heard shots fired inside. Don’t make it their fault someone was killed.

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    The now dead terrorist had a really long criminal record, so why was he out on the streets? Also where is his partner in crime who apparently helped him murder his wife. Weasel Zippers has more info.