More hot air on global warming

The latest United Nations climate summit in Lima finally adjourned Sunday after issuing a watered-down “agreement” to address global warming even its supporters admitted was weak.

The deal that emerged after two-weeks of negotiations and two all-night bargaining sessions puts off every major decision 195 countries — including Canada — must make, until another UN meeting a year from now in Paris.

This has been the UN’s standard operating procedure in global climate negotiations for years, but this year, things were supposed to be different in Lima.

  • Jay Currie

    Well, two weeks in hot tents in Lima were less than fun… PARIS! I expect the UN teat suckered will stay until they have an agreement even if it takes a year.

    The problem of course is that the pols – while they can’t admit it – know the AGW science has fallen apart. The models are wrong, the ice is back, the CO2 sensitivity is less than 2 degrees, the “pause” continues. So now it is a matter of walking it back without admitting that the hysteria, and several trillion dollars, were misplaced.

    Oppsie is not going to cut it so they will be negotiating non-binding promises and a few billion for low lying dusky hued Nations and praying to God no one notices.

    Fat chance… But they’ll always have Paris.

    • Lloyd Snauwaert

      I’m pissed we didn’t sweep the Dinosaur Awards…fickle wamist bastards…

      • Jay Currie

        I think we were rooted by the Aussie… Clever buggers. First no money for the UN then a pathetic collapse which drew attention to their “disappointing” commitment of 200 million and away from our equally “disappointing” 300 million. But we can beat’em in Paris by not actually sending any of the money….Ze dinosaur will be ours!

  • mauser 98

    perhaps it will be Greenpeace that finally ended the AGW hoax

    “That’s the sorrowful result of this year’s climate conference. And no other
    has gone down as having been more destructive as this one. The ruin of
    the more than 2000 year old Nazca lines site was the icing on the IPCC
    – See more at: