Great Leader Kim Dong Wynne Sends Out Mysterious Unnamed “Holiday” Card

No idea what she’s celebrating. Did she rent those kids?





  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Maybe she got them from prof Benjamin Levin?

    How’s his kiddy porn trial going?

    • I hope they’re checkin the files!

    • Justin

      Is the older female standing next to her, her husband?

      • Gary

        EX husband before she left him and turned lesbian .

      • Waffle

        Wife!! Lizzies have wives, fags have husbands.

  • marty_p

    The dope wished Jews a “Happy New Year’ in Hebrew using the Hebrew greeting reserved for Rosh Hashanna.

  • Excuse me while I put up my PC vomit shield.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Which one wears the pants in the family?

    • David Murrell


    • Waffle

      That’s a toughie — it’s probably a cause of eternal friction ;)))

  • ontario john

    I hear it cost taxpayers $300.00 for each card. Since she doesn’t know what holiday it is, she should attend west hill united church in Toronto where the minister is an atheist and you can believe in anything you want.

  • Clink9

    About the creepiest thing I’ve seen this month.

  • Ron MacDonald

    My Holiday Tree to go with her Holiday Card.

  • David Murrell

    I can see BCFers on this thread are in good Christmas cheer! Funny stuff here.

  • Gary

    Don’t tell me , the two in dresses are boys while the little one in pants and plaid shirt is the girl ( that is for now, later on in grade 2 there may be a Black Lesbian inside them).

  • The Goat

    I don’t see Goatsmas on that card.

    • Yea it’s in Arabic

    • Frau Katze

      Goats can’t vote.

      • Reader

        That’s what you think! This is Liberal Ontario!

        • JoKeR

          I bet there were a lot of dead people too.

        • Frau Katze

          Good point!

    • Speaksvolumes

      The Muslims took all the goats. Don’t ask why.

  • Reader

    Those are her grandkids.

    The real problem is that taxpayers are the ones who have paid for these, not the Liberal Party of Ontario.

    How many of these have we paid to go out? Is everybody in the province going to get them and how much did they cost taxpayers?

    • I wonder what the Arabic says?

      • moraywatson

        “Have yourself a submissive little Christmas!”

    • Reader

      To change the topic consider this lovely Harry Nilsson love song a tribute to her from Ontario Taxpayers who seem to continue to support her regardless of how much money is wasted or where the money might be going

  • ontario john

    It would upset her lesbian and leftist friends to say Merry Christmas. The Toronto Star would be upset as well.

    • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

      Recent letter to the Star-n-Crescent in response to an article about ‘Holiday Trees’……

  • Iamnotweetoddit

    This is sick, where is the CAS?

  • Frances

    So she can say “Merry Christmas” in every language but English?

  • Barry the Black Panther

    The tags are accurate !

  • ontario john

    The wynne government is spending a lot of money on ads on how to purchase a cellphone service. Because who is better than the liberals on how to properly manage your money. I will give you a sneak peak so you don’t have to click on the ads. First you buy a service, then cancel it before you use it and pay a lot of money on cancellation fees. Then you spend as much money as you want on another plan even though you can’t afford it, and borrow money to pay the bill. Then you wait until your kids and grandkids pay for it down the road.

  • moraywatson

    Well that looks completely contrived and awkward.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

  • Edubeat

    Lovely isn’t it…portraying others kids as the offspring of a same sex couple. Katy’s ‘husband’ just made the NHL ALL-UGLY team.And the Leafs do need an enforcer along the lines of Tie Dmi

  • warrenzoell

    Happy Halloween!

  • Those kids don’t want to be with Granny and Weird Lady with Granny.

    Merry Voodoo Day, everybody!

  • Cheryl

    You have got to be kidding. Is this what my tax dollars pay for? At this point in time I have never been so embarrassed to say I am a resident of Ontario. My family has never voted Liberal and yet we have to feel the shame that these politicians have brought to our once great province and that is truly a shame. When you have to listen to the election stating over and over and over for what at least 100 times the first openly gay Premier to be elected in Ontario it truly makes you embarrassed as I say to reside in Ontario. So it seems she had to be elected not on her policies but because she was gay.

  • DMB

    I think this one best suits her!

  • Digger Dan

    Ms. Kitty come clean on the Solid Gold scandal, then resign