George W. Bush visits 9/11 museum; Haters remain predictable

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Just a few days ago, NYT had a silly op-ed saying that Obama was uniquely disliked:

From the day he took office, his legitimacy has been challenged, his American birth has been suspect, and he’s been personally insulted, lectured, yelled at and disrespected in public, by public figures, in a way that few if any American presidents have ever faced.

And of course it all because of his race:

I want to believe this is not about race, but it sure looks that way. Barely nine months into his presidency, a Republican congressman, Joe Wilson, shouted out “You lie!” at the president in the decorous setting of a joint session of Congress — a flagrant show of disrespect for the man and the office. For this, Wilson became a hero in conservative media.

  • Uncle_Waspy

    So Obumbles was called a liar – big deal. Reagan was shot.

  • mobuyus

    Some say Clinton not Obama was the first black president, that may or may not be true, however I believe Obama to be the first realy gay President

    • Pete_Brewster

      Actually, that was James Buchanan.

      • Martin B

        Obama can take the consolation prize as the first gay black President.

  • ntt1

    a new desciption; too black to fail. where in ones skin colour precludes you from being judged by any criteria as it would be racist. it’s black priviledge

  • Pete_Brewster

    I have no sympathy for George W. Bush. He’s had his reward for doing Riyadh’s dirty work, in spades.

    • Minicapt

      “God hath given you one face and you make yourselves another.”


  • Freedom

    George W. Bush was not a conservative, but he was an honest good
    man , a great wartime leader and a Christian.