The Americans are not your friends … The Canadians are not your friends … The Europeans are not your friends.

The headline? That’s Imam Siraj Wahhaj, named as one of the Islamic authorities on a new UK website, Imamsonline, that purports to be focused on preventing Muslim radicalization.

In a September 1991 speech in Toronto, titled “The Afghanistan Jihad,” Wahhaj told his fellow Muslims:

“Those who struggle for Allah, it doesn’t matter what kind of weapons [you use], I’m telling you it doesn’t matter! You don’t need nuclear weapons or even guns! If you have faith in Allah and a knife! If Allah wants you to win, you will win! Because Allah is the only one who fights. And when his hand is over your hand, whoever is at war against my friends, I declare war on them…. The Americans are not your friends … The Canadians are not your friends … The Europeans are not your friends. Your friend is Allah, the Messenger and those who believe. These people will never be satisfied with you until you follow their religion …”


From this article about ImamsOnline you can see their endgame, it isn’t about preventing radicalization, it’s about silencing critics of Islam.

“This is a plea from representatives of all our communities to the public and Internet and social media companies to act to help keep us safe from extremist content.

The Internet can no longer be freely used by terrorists and those that would cause division and espouse hatred.”

  • ontario john

    Its a wonder that he didn’t get the Order of Canada when he was here. Why do muslim imans always look and act like cast members from Planet of the Apes?

    • Raymond Hietapakka

      …because diddling your first cousins creates a de-volved retard “culture”…

    • He’s a regular in Canada at various Muslim hatefests.

      • ontario john

        Probably a buddy of Harooooon. Actually the early movie has the best line that fits muslim thought, “The only good human is a dead human”.

      • winniec

        But Kitty! Only critics of Islam are called ‘haters’…The haters of kafirs and women are preachers of ‘divine religion’.

  • winniec

    Siraj Wahhaj a name with a dull thud to it.
    So…if I voluntarily give up my freedom of expression, he won’t take it from me by calling his thugs to suicide-bomb me! In other words, surrender before he attacks us! Saves him time and effort!

  • Tom Quiggin

    This is the same Siraj Wahhaj who is in the “united against terrorism” handbook put out in Canada earlier this year by CAIR CAN/NCCM.

    • Just a thought

      I’m sure he is against “terrorism,” with the caveat that what they mean by “terrorism” is not what we mean, and that what they are against is itself either terrorism or support for it.

      The only “moderate” Muslim is an EX-Muslim.

      • Just a thought

        “what they are against” should be “what they support”

    • Oh that figures!

  • winniec

    Let’s turn his statement around. If you are American, Canadian or European, this guy Wahhaj is NOT YOUR FRIEND.

    Make a note, and make sure he NEVER ENTERS YOUR COUNTRY!

    • Frau Katze

      He is a convert.

      Siraj Wahhaj was born as Jeffrey Kearse on March 11, 1950 in Brooklyn, New York, where he was raised in the Baptist faith. He studied biology education at Wilfrid Laurier University in Ontario, Canada.

      • Always trying to be more Muslim than Mohammed.

      • Minicapt

        See? New York City again …


  • Pete_Brewster

    So when the Elders of Zion send a few ICBMs tipped with hydrogen bombs towards Dar al-Islam, Allah will swat them from the sky. Brilliant.

    Or did I miss something?

  • eMan14

    The feeling is mutual. I’m not your friend either.

    • Frau Katze