Swedish Pravda

Some readers ask why so many Swedes are idly sitting by when things obviously are going off the rails at a neckbreaking speed. The simple answer is, they live in blissful ignorance of it. Because according to mainstream news, everything is just peachy in the country of Sweden, except more and more people join this satanic league of soulless orcs in the nationalist party. It’s completely inexplicable and puzzling, since the only stories ever presented about SD is what fascist monsters they are — and yet they keep growing like nobody’s business!

Obviously, these “defectors” get unfiltered information online. Then they tell their friends and neighbors, who in turn also stop buying regular papers. And there’s the explanation why the Swedish mainstream media scene is rapidly going down the toilet DESPITE big investments in online adaptation of its material.

But let’s pretend for a second that you are one of the many who still rely on mainstream media for your daily news, unpolluted by alternative and dissenting voices. Your views of the world are dictated by people strictly adhering to the official journalist union code of self-censorship.

Any incidents of bombings, torched cars, shootings and gang rapes are either hushed up, downplayed and relegated to a tiny notice towards the back and/or distorted to fit the established doctrine. The only pictures published in these cases are when the perp is white; if there is no picture, the perp is of MENA-origin.

Now we’ll take a look inside Metro, a conventional ad-based paper available in all major towns in Sweden…

Note: SD stands for Sweden Democrats: an anti-immigrant party, much hated by the ruling ‘elite’ and the media.