Sweden slammed for ‘sexist’ street signs

Thousands of streets in Sweden are named after people, but new figures suggest only 14 percent refer to women, despite the country’s reputation for gender equality.

If you’re strolling around one of Sweden’s cities, it won’t take you long to stumble upon a street referencing a typically Swedish name. Central Stockholm and Gothenburg both have 150 ‘name’ streets each, while Malmö has around 80.

This week, Statistics Sweden (SCB) has revealed that across the country, 2,060 street names include a man’s name, while just 330 include a woman’s.

The Statistics Sweden study also found that roads named after men tended to be longer than those named after women. The average ‘male’ street is 450 metres long, while ‘female’ roads come in at an average of 380 metres…

Talk about rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. The same feminists that are complaining about street names are solidly in favour of mass immigration, a great deal of it Muslim, and no, they have no problem with that.

h/t Marvin