Sheltered, liberal BBC staff did not interrogate immigration for fear of appearing ‘racist’

The BBC has been staffed with too many “Oxbridge liberal”-types whose “relentlessly middle-class” view of the world coloured its coverage of immigration, the broadcaster John Humphrys has suggested.

Humphrys, the journalist and Today programme presenter, said the BBC had employed people who feared that questioning immigration would make them appear “racist”, admitting the corporation had failed to investigate it “rigorously enough”.

Saying many members of staff lead “sheltered” lives in which they did not encounter the reality of areas affected by mass immigration, he added they had “failed to look at what our job was” in relation to the contentious issue.

In an interview with a newspaper, Humphrys said the BBC always appeared to be “in crisis”, but praised its recent approach to internal problems saying people were now talking “seriously and thoughtfully” about its future.

Humphrys, who despite his criticism argues the licence fee is “essential to the future of the corporation”, has previously made clear he believes matter are improving within the BBC following the admission it had not be “sufficiently sceptical” about the pro-immigration argument…