Sheltered, liberal BBC staff did not interrogate immigration for fear of appearing ‘racist’

The BBC has been staffed with too many “Oxbridge liberal”-types whose “relentlessly middle-class” view of the world coloured its coverage of immigration, the broadcaster John Humphrys has suggested.

Humphrys, the journalist and Today programme presenter, said the BBC had employed people who feared that questioning immigration would make them appear “racist”, admitting the corporation had failed to investigate it “rigorously enough”.

Saying many members of staff lead “sheltered” lives in which they did not encounter the reality of areas affected by mass immigration, he added they had “failed to look at what our job was” in relation to the contentious issue.

In an interview with a newspaper, Humphrys said the BBC always appeared to be “in crisis”, but praised its recent approach to internal problems saying people were now talking “seriously and thoughtfully” about its future.

Humphrys, who despite his criticism argues the licence fee is “essential to the future of the corporation”, has previously made clear he believes matter are improving within the BBC following the admission it had not be “sufficiently sceptical” about the pro-immigration argument…

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Take away their television tax revenue and wreck ’em!

    • Frau Katze

      It never seems to happen. Institutional inertia (applies to govt-funded institutions only, of course).

  • Pete_Brewster

    What future? Auntie has no future, and frankly is overdue for being smothered with a pillow, her assets distributed to her heirs to be put to much better use than she ever made of them.

    Broadcasting House would make a great home for the criminally insane. Lord knows with all the perverts Auntie protected over the years it won’t want for inmates. It’ll be just like home.

    Eastenders is not worth it.

  • Often Censored Bigot

    So much injustice. Inform our kangaroo court: Yeah, it’s England but surely the kangaroo court muslims will help out their BBC ummah…

  • Jason

    It’s irritating to hear the disingenuous claim that it was a fear of appearing racist that prevented them from giving fair coverage on immigration issues. They minimized or ignored things like no-go zones, muslim violence and Rotterham primarily because those stories didn’t fit with their worldview, according to which immigration, multiculturalism and islam are unquestioned positives.
    We all have our biases, of course, but it’s crucial for the health, freedom and, arguably, survival of our societies that the media at least tries to look at the world objectively.

  • Destroyer-Drone

    The crazies in the beeb need to instate a new motto methinks…

    “The BBC: Defending notorious pedophiles from Saville to the Rotherham rape gangs since 1922.”

    Since this is what their journalistic credentials eventually come down to. We’re talking about an unashamedly left-wing organisation whose only ‘service’ is to manufacture double standards and justifications for their ideological darlings.
    It’s so full of far-left stupidity nowadays that it has become unbearable to even listen to them, I can’t even stand their voice on BBC Radio (I’m not kidding, that’s how irritating they are).

    BBC Watch ( is much more informative and [literally] provides a greater service to the public than these fools ever will.