Report reveals politics, not torture

Christmas came early for liberals last week. A report from the U.S. Senate confessed that the CIA engaged in torture, that it did so secretly and without government approval, and the torture didn’t actually yield any useful intelligence information.

Enemy media like Qatar’s state-controlled Al Jazeera and Russia’s Kremlin-run RT were delighted to report this news. But they were reserved compared to the orgasmic excitement from Canada’s journalists. At last, all of the Media Party’s liberal fantasies were proved true: America was immoral, the terrorists were victims, the CIA and U.S. military were discredited.

Except none of that is true.

  • Xavier

    The fact that Holder has refused to press criminal charges says everything: there was no crime. The Senate Intelligence Committee knew everything that was happening – in fact, Feinstein herself asked if the CIA could use more coercive methods for information extraction from prisoners. Listen to Obama’s words “it was torture, in my mind.” In his mind?! What does that mean? Is his opinion the last word on what’s legal and illegal in the U.S. now? Wait, don’t answer that – it’s too early on a Sunday to curse.

  • Linda1000

    Hey, Feinstein and Cdn. Libtard media ….

  • War is hell. Unless of course you are a liberal. Then it is a golden opportunity to “work out your differences” with the enemy.

    When I go into dangers way, I want the biggest meanest SOB on my side.

    Putting handcuffs on the SOB only ensures failure.

  • Blacksmith

    Yup waterboarding is horrible especially compared to rape, beheading, slavery etc.