Merkel in dilemma as German anti-Islam marches gain support

BERLIN (Reuters) – German Chancellor Angela Merkel faces challenges from allies and rivals to confront a rising tide of anti-immigrant sentiment driving increasingly popular anti-Islam marches in the city of Dresden every Monday.

With thousands expected at the next march, Merkel is in a dilemma. Her security officials are warning of an increase in hate crimes, while opinion polls show support for the marchers’ calls for a tougher German immigration policy…

There has been a spike in both anti-Muslim and anti-Semitic sentiment this year, with right-wingers joining football hooligans to fight Salafist Muslims and a spate of attacks on Jews*. At the same time, with record levels of immigration, Germany has become Europe’s biggest recipient of asylum-seekers.

Merkel said on Friday there was “no place in Germany” for hatred of Muslims or any other minority…

…Greens leader Cem Oezdemir, who will join a counter-protest in Dresden, urged her “to recognize clearly that Germany is a country for immigrants and benefits from them”. In fact, Merkel often says Germany needs more immigrants to boost its workforce…

*During the summer Israeli-Gaza war, Muslims everywhere — including Germany — went ballistic against Jews. I should note that there are anti-Semitic native Germans, but the spectacular attacks during the summer were carried out by Muslims.

  • koala

    Don’t re elect her again.

  • Petr

    There has not been a peep about the demonstrations in the media here in Czech Republic (we practically next door for you Canadians). The EU spin damage controll is in full swing.

    • Frau Katze

      Yes, I’ve noticed the English language German media (Deutsche Welle–German tax-payer funded) is desperate. They’re insisting they’re all Nazis. (There are some neo-Nazis–the party itself is banned–but by no means all.).

    • Pete_Brewster

      I suspect the Czech press would rather talk about how Putin is Brezhnev risen from the dead?

  • RevnantDream

    The more Anti Jewish the World becomes the more the barometer of war rises

  • Warren Raymond

    The political system in Germany is rigged beyond recognition. Merkel is the daughter of a protestant pastor who identified with the communists, a nutcase who voluntarily migrated to live and work in East Germany.

    Angela Merkel, codename ‘Erika’, went through the Marxist indoctrination program, is trained in agitprop, counter-propaganda and subversion by the Stasi. Her rise to power is unfathomable for people who grew up in postwar Germany. There are some similarities between Angela Merkel and the undocumented Muslim Obama, who’s presidency was bought by Marxist billionaires and facilitated by the rapidly growing proletariat in the U.S.

    Greens leader Cem Oezdemir is a Turkish agent, a subversive and an enemy of the German people. He is by far not the only one. If you scratch the surface, you see things that make you wanna scream. The people of Europe have been too complacent for too long, which allowed of socialist parasites to infiltrate the system and take over. I don’t believe that trend can be reversed without bloodshed. The two major parties, CDU (supposedly Christian conservative) and the SPD (socialist rabble backed by Marxist unions) are both in the bag for the Islamisation. Both are committed to vote whoring, pandering and kowtowing to Muslim mores.

    What we are seeing now is nothing short of a peoples uprising. I hope to be there next March to join the protests….

    • Frau Katze

      I knew Merkel was a child of Commies, but she herself is rather hard to read. That Turk from the Greens was causing trouble just a couple of weeks ago…the details escape me now. I think the Greens are total idiots.

      My betting is that the authorities will stop the demos, by force if necessary. Watch the UK. They’re farther along…and I notice the govt is becoming more and more authoritarian. They disallow protests, and muzzled Tommy Robinson.

    • Pete_Brewster

      Rest assured when the Russian army return to Dresden they’ll be greeted as liberators. This time, maybe, just maybe, the victims of German communism will get justice. I doubt Putin will be content to give Comrade Erika a slap on the wrist and free passage to Chile.

      Frankly, what she can expect—having her brains blown out in a Russian prison—is far too good for most of our masters.

      And yes—the grand coalition is the latest version of the National Front of the GDR.

  • Jim Horne

    “Almost two-thirds of Germans think Merkel’s government is not paying enough attention to concerns about immigration and asylum-seekers, it found, and 34 percent believe Germany is undergoing a process of “Islamisation”.”
    YAHOO news – German police see rise in far-right extremism: report

  • Hard Little Machine

    You mean the Nazis and the Islamotards are going to kill each other? Where do I buy tickets to that show?

  • GunFarce

    “Merkel said on Friday there was “no place in Germany” for hatred of Muslims or any other minority…”
    Not to worry, with the high rate of unregulated Muslim influx right across Europe they will soon be the majority, and you will be living under Sharia Law sooner than you think!

    • tom_billesley

      No place in Europe for Islam. I’d rather hate it from afar.

    • Frau Katze

      I’m afraid so.