Jihad Watch: Islamic State jihadi murdered 70 because “they were saying bad words about Aisha”

Shi’ite shrine at Karbala, Iraq, where the great battle was fought.

The 70 must have been Shi’ites. According to Islamic tradition, Aisha and Ali were at odds. When she was accused of adultery, Ali told Muhammad that he could easily just get another wife — she never forgave him for that.

In 656, when Uthman was murdered and Ali was chosen as caliph, Aisha went into battle against the forces supporting Ali.

She led troops against him in the Battle of the Camel. So to this day, Shi’ites, partisans of Ali, tend to denigrate Aisha. See, for example, the Shi’ite pranksters on this Sunni cooking show:

“‘I would kill you’: ISIS captive held by Kurds admits taking 70 lives,” by Hollie McKay, FoxNews.com, December 12, 2014:

Kurds in northern Iraq are holding hundreds of ISIS fighters prisoner, including one who told FoxNews.com in an exclusive interview that he killed as many as 70 people in the service of the radical jihadist army.